Jenna Judd

March 3, 2021

Jenna Judd
Jenna Judd
Well, I woke up again today feeling a little bewildered at my own whereabouts. I have been waking up with that feeling a lot these last few days. The novelty of Madrid is not fading fast and I'm glad. I've been here now for ten days and I'm leaving for Barcelona in two. I can't wait. I have barely stopped moving since my arrival. Work is good. After two days of castings I've already landed three jobs, all print: two for l'oréal (one of which will be featured as a promo for Spanish Vogue) and one for a shopping centre in Muncia, an area in the south of Spain. I actually got to shoot for that job on a beach in Muncia (pronounced Munthia) in the hot sun. Nice.

Unfortunately, my intenet access in Madrid is super limited. This is good only because it is helping to wean my off my addictions to facebook and myspace.

I miss everybody and will write more soon.

Take care,


Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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