Jenna Judd

March 8, 2008

Jenna Judd
Jenna Judd
I don't know. It's Saturday night. It has been a beautiful Saturday-day. Stadtpark (local park), floh-markt (flea market), sternschanze (cute neighbourhood). And now, I'm sitting in bed in my underwear eating chocolate. Skulking around on Facebook. Sigh. Anyways, it recently occurred to me that I am taking issue with my recent induction into Nomadism. I'm sqaundering, acting territorial, forming strong and unusual attachments to routine behaviours and personal objects; to my camera for example. And I have begun watching "Lost", somewhat obsessively. I know that life is about phases and it's just that I'm a juvenile in this one. Anyways, cameras are good and "Lost" is a cool show.

Work has continued to progress. If anything, my stay in Hamburg is going to strengthen my portfolio. I did a cool test on Wednesday. I really got to exercise my professionalism. Since it was one of the first sunny days in Hamburg in weeks, the team decided to take the pictures outside. It was sunny as hell with a high of six degrees and a definite windy-factor. I was barelegged, wearing dresses and spring jackets. The mood was very cool. Grunge. My favourite. I just got to slouch around looking sulky and knowledgable about nineties-music, in front of these slick looking multi-coloured walls. Right on! We earned those pictures. Man, it was cold. Meanwhile, Canadian readers are saying, "Six degrees and sunny?!?" And picturing Toronto denizens in sweatshirts, shorts, socks and birkenstocks. Got to love those guys.

The rest of the week was go-sees and an editorial in Berlin, (unpaid and a story in itself). Tomorrow I am heading to Dusseldorf for the type of catalogue job I have been anticipating. So that's cool too.


Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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