Jenna Judd

March 14, 2021

Jenna Judd
One-o-eight a.m. It's late. I'm wide awake. On a wednesday night. Matt's asleep wearing the little blue mask from the Air France flight. I'm typing. Everyone's alseep.

We're in Barcelona. It's an intimidatingly pretty city. Very polished. I find myself looking for quirks: long walks between subway stops, busy sidewalks, restaurants that discourage randoms from walking in off the street to use the washrooms.

It is really nice though. I have seen a lot of it on foot while toting a precociously worn map with scattered flecks of pink from my canadian highlighter pen. God, I love highlighters. Such wonderful luxury items.

Anyway, got into Barcelona from Madrid last Friday. Since Monday I have been hustling from go-see to go-see, from casting to casting. No work yet. It is only Wednesday however.

I had a much better response in Madrid, however. Three bookings after two days of castings and go sees. Shit yeah. I love it. The clients here barely look at your portfolio. Well, my portfolio at least. I think they're over fashion - the fashion industry - in Barcelona.

The industry is more developed here than it is in Madrid. They still give a shit in Madrid. They ask the models questions: where are you from? They humour our modest little attempts to speak Spanish: mucho gusto (a pleasure to meet you), que tal? (how are you?) Here it's just gracias and asta la vista, baby. Nah. They don't say that. I like it here though. I'm with someone who I care about. I have a lovely place to say. I have friends here. Travelling alone is tough sometimes: Models' apartments, lonely sightseeing trips, awkward journeys through foreign metro lines. It's a completely alternate experience for me. Ha Ha.

My last lonely modelling trip was in 2001. That was a short trip. I was in Paris for five months and Greece for three weeks in '99. I love telling that to the other models. They laugh so hard. The Nineties!!! It was such a long time ago. Yeah. I only have to lie about my age a little bit here. My booker suggested that I tell clients that I am twenty-four. I forget sometimes. Sometimes I just want to test the boundaries. Can I pass for twenty-two? I like being twenty-six. I don't like erasing the things that I have done with the years that I have lived.

Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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