Jenna Judd

March 15, 2021

Jenna Judd
photo: moo
I'm liking Barcelona today. Hmm. Maybe I'm liking me in Barcelona.

Life is uncomplicated here. Every morning starts with a communal breakfast with Matt, Martha and Martin. The three M's and one J. Sometimes other letters mingle.

The coffee is good. Later we clean up the spoons and cups and plan the day. Do I have a casting? Where is it? Is Matt coming along? Can we walk there? Should we pick up a baguette for the walk over?

The body of the day is marked by walking. Since I only had a single casting today, we walked first to see sagra familia, the the city's most revered sightseeing destination, a church designed by Antonio Gaudi.

The stroll to the casting is equally captivating. Small streets, cafes, green spaces peppered with statues and wooden benches. We stop briefly at a park designed by Joan Miro and wander through Placa Espagna on the way home.

It's been over four hours since we shut the door behind us. We're exhausted. We stop for tapas and a drink to muster up enough strength to make our daily stop at The local grocery store before dinner. Our friends Dana and Gabi call us while we're still in the checkout and soon we're all in the apartment joking around while I make a big salad.

Man, life is so much more social here. In Toronto I spend too much time looking at the white walls contemplating my solitude.

Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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