Jenna Judd

April 12, 2021

Jenna Judd
Ok, ok, ok. I can't believe how freaking ridiculous the last few days have been. Physically, I am a mess right now!

Ok, Katarina Kuruc can vouch for the fact that I have a rather disturbing sensitivity to mosquito bites. I have in mind a photograph of my bikini-clad, white ass covered in about six red welts/mosquito bites (exhibit A) while I was on vacation in the Dominican Republic.

Well, freaking hell, I am covered in mosquito welts right now. Normally, I wouldn't care. But because I am working as a model in hopes of financing this European trip, it is a bit of a concern. I had to sleep in a models' apartment last night because I think the apartment in which I have been living is harbouring a small mosquito colony and I can't afford anymore bites on my face. I already have four and am starting to remember the small agonies of adolescent acne.

So I went to this models' apartment last night at eleven p.m. My boyfriend Matt came with me to help get me settled. About twelve minutes after he left I managed to inflict upon myself one of the dumbest injuries imaginable. Ok. Listen to this: I was sitting in bed reading with my head and shoulders against the wall when I leaned forward to get my cellphone. Afterwards, during some sorry attempt to resume my former position I WAILED the back of my head against the wall. I hit it HARD. As in I saw stars HARD.

After I cursed myself for being such a damn tool I caught a glance of my red spotted face in the mirror. Well, wasn't I surprised to note that while my right eye looked perfectly normal, my left eye was completely dilated? That's right folks I managed to give myself (presumably) a mild concussion. My left eye looked crazy.

I called my boyfriend's sister who is a physiotherapist who works with high performance athletes (Cirque de Soleil) and asked her about concussion-related symptoms. She said don't worry, just don't go to sleep. Aw crap it was bedtime, too. Anyway, long story short, I am a moron. My poor boyfriend hauled his sweet ass back over the models' apartment to make sure there was no permanent damage and we all lived happily ever after.

Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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