Jenna Judd

April 28, 2021

Jenna Judd
Ok. So I'm in Hamburg. Ok. It sounds boring, right? And I sound ignorant, right? Because I assumed that it would be kind of a dull city. I have to tell you that if I had to decide to move to a European city right now, based on my very limited experience, I would move here. Ok. It is only day four or five or something, but still, first impressions have some sort of validity. In this note at least. Anyway. I think I like it here better than Barcelona. I have to tell you that the people here are extremely approachable and amicable. It's really refreshing. In Madrid they were super nice. In Barcelona, a little more reserved. Also, it seems that everyone under the age of 45 speaks english. I have to tell you, being able to communicate really allows for a feeling of connectedness. I mean I'm just a little dot of a person like everybody else, of course, but I don't feel terribly lost or out of place.

Ok. Paragraph two. A couple of hours ago I just had perhaps the second best experience at a contemporary art exhibit. The museum is called the hamburger kunsthall. I mean I couldn't even make that up. It's the dirtiest four syllables anyone could have strung together. I mean the last syllable isn't so dirty. Anyway, the contemporary art was crazy. So political and creative!!! There was this light installation that beamed a crazy critical thought diatribe on fear mongering, social control and isolation. It was like that crazy robot voice track from ok computer (Radiohead). I took pictures of it.

Anyway, found a cool secondhand cd store with a chill café with wireless. I didn't have my computer though. found an internet cafe just down the street and a bunch of cool bead shops (looking for my mom) and random boutiqes. Also, my apartment is the best. So bohemian. Little touches everywhere. Photos, poems, inspirational words posted inside my closet for Christ's sake. Plus I have a hookah and a DVD player in, get this: my very own room!!! I live with this dude named Nino. He's a makeup artist and aspiring photographer. So we were talking about photography last night. Anyway, aside from intense flashes of homesickness and longing for Matt, I am surprisingly ok. The weather is GORGEOUS, I am busy - shooting a creative/test tomorrow and I have some castings and options for potential jobs next week. who knows, I might suck it up and stick it out until the 21st of May after all. I have been debating coming home early! but again, it's like day four or five, so who knows????

Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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