Jenna Judd

April 30, 2021

Jenna Judd
So yeah. Today is day six in Hamburg. I woke up feeling great. my head was feeling entirely normal (post the infamous Spanish concussion of April 11th), my eye (prolonged dilated pupil) was looking not so bonkers either. (Sigh...) Life is sweet. Well, wouldn't you know it, five minutes later and I proceeded to smack my head on the hanging light dangling over my bed. Shizer! It's amazing how difficult it is for me to not inflict upon myself minor head trauma on a daily basis. Anyway, luckily I have a hard head.

Ok. So yesterday, Sunday, the day of our lord, I had a fourteen hour test/creative/photoshoot. There is no rest for the Germans so it seems. We didn't wrap up until midnight. It was pretty crazy. The pictures were whacked. I would post them, but apparently they are top secret not to mention a bit much for the faint of heart.

It was a seven shot hair story for this hair-styling competition. The hair guy has won the avant garde award a bunch of times and likes the taste of victory. Ok, well, let me tell you, there was a definite S&M subtext in the photo series.

Fastforward to my last outfit. It was basically a gimp-suit / full body burkha. Friggin' hell. It was this white fitted suit with a masked hood that entirely covered my face and head. The damn thing had a wee little zippered slit over my mouth for Christ's sake. There were no real eye openings, just sections of semi-opaque veil type material to look out through. Holy crap! That was a first and hopefully a last. The whole thing was laced in the back and the arm openings were even restrictive. I could only really move my arms at the wrist! Eeeek!!!!!!!!!!! All that so the freakin' dude could stick a ponytail to the top of the thing!!!! How original!!!! (I once wrote a paper about the use of burkas and hijabs in western fashion photography and haute couture. This suit was just what my paper was missing).

It was such an odd feeling being so confined in that freakin' thing. I lost the desire to speak and just kind of went through the motions until my liberation.

Anyway, in another photo I also had a crazy metal breast plate and throughout the shoot my hair was contorted into the WEIRDEST sculptures imaginable. Man, I don't know what else to say.

Yeah, so what did you do yesterday??????????????

Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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