Jenna Judd

May 14, 2021

Jenna Judd
Man, since there is no one to talk to about this, you all are going to have to suffer through this venting session. Okay. The thing is that I just want to come home. Without complications. You know, just sit on a plane for eight hours and then suddenly rouse myself and step off in Toronto. But things are going to work out a little differently. And I mean I guess that will make for a more interesting experience anyway.

Ok. Throughout these weeks in Hamburg I have been largely sitting on my tuckus (sp?). Quantifiably work has been bloody slow. Qualitatively however, it hasn't been bad. So earning a living in Germany (for me at least) seems to mean working once a week and kind of existing in a state of frustrated eagerness to work the rest of the week. That's right, I'm on call: for any fashion nine-one-one. (the cheesier, the better.) And I'm looking at my phone and it's not ringing. Of course, free time is a blessing, one that I am largely mismanaging these days. I mean, really, how many times can a person watch Garden State on her computer? The numbers might surprise you. Anyway, I am doing a lot of solo-time here. I am really discorvering myself. Most notably what shit company I can be. Anyway, I'm sure it's fairly obvious that I just want to come home.

So the last few days have meant a lot of preparation for my return voyage, which is messy from the outset. Originally I was supposed to fly from Barcelona to Paris to Toronto, but since I am in Germany I didn't want to fly from Germany to Barcelona to Paris to Toronto. so, my boyfriend's sister is in Paris and was nice enough to let me hang my hat in Paris for a few days so that I could fly direct to Canada. Sweet. Bought my train ticket to Paris and everything. Then I recently found out that it's a big no-no to skip the Barcelona to Paris portion of my return journey. Can anyone say 'hidden city ticketing'? Anyway, this morning I was trying to sort that out and I get a call from my agency. I just got a one day catalogue booking and can I please let them know if I can stay until the 26th. Suddenly my phone commences ringing?????

Sigh.... it looks like Zach Braff, Nathalie Portman and I are going to be having a little more quality time than expected.

So that's the end of my bloody long boring tale.

Peace out.

Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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