Jenna Judd

September 27, 2021

Jenna Judd
Well, I'm here; finding familiarity in the not-so-old haunts of my former stay in Hamburg last May: favourite routes, the 'best' grocery store for avocadoes, or for cereal. I was so excited to see the guy who runs the local internet cafe, but he has managed to avoid making eye contact so far. OK fine. I give up.

So, let me bring you up to speed. There are kids everywhere. The air is damp and cool and little yellow leaves sprinkle sidewalks. Like up-side down hearts. And I have never seen so many blonde heads. I blend in under the camouflage of highlights (salon bought).

And I am living in a new apartment in my old neighbourhood. So that's good. It's old and beautiful and at the top of a long, tall staircase. There are little benches at every landing. (no elevator.) I live with like five or six people. I'm not sure exactly. I like the impractible idea of being the seventh person. But that would be problematic because we all share one bathroom!!! Well, one toilet in one room and one shower in another (no bath). And one little fridge. It too has its own little room apart from the kitchen (fridgeless.) I guess that these kinds of quirks are all typical of old apartments. And especially of model apartments. Anyway, only one or two of my roommates model(s). I don't know what the others do. I didn't ask.

So this is my second day of go-sees. I was hitting the pavement not so fresh off the plane yesterday. Ew gross. And only three today.

This blog might be a little premature because I have barely had time to accumulate cute and exciting stories, or to shake off this case of jetlag....

Hope everyone is good. I MISS YOU! and by 'you' I mean YOU.



Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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