Jenna Judd

November 8, 2021

Jenna Judd
photo: Miguel Jacob
Work in Hamburg has gone quite differently for me this time around. Compared to last spring I've worked a lot more often, but for jobs that pay less money - shows, editorials...

Also, whereas during my last trip I was ushered to such glamourous locations as Mallorca, Lisbon and Munich, this trip I have been on stay in unremarkable towns like Bremen, Bielefeld and Leverkusen.

Well, it would be a lie to call these places unremarkable. after all, my trip to Leverkusen allowed me to experience the creepiest hotel of my adult life. right out of the fucking 'shining,' I swear to God!!!! I slept with the fucking light on!!!

Bremen was also interesting. While I was waiting for the train back to Hamburg I was lucky enough to stumble into a really bizarre German fun-fair. Very cool. And come on!!!

Wandering around Bielefeld was worthwhile just because of the fact that according to German conspiracy theory, Bielefeld doesn't even exist!!!!

What else can I tell you? The jobs themselves have been quite weird. Mild humiliation has played a consistent part in them. For example.... one makeup artist, disatisfied with the state of my hair, washed my head in the studio sink in front of the team. I felt like such a bad dog.

And I mean that's pretty minor. The theme of one of my editorials was 'you can dress 'em up, but you can't take 'em out.' Guess who had a starring role in that one. Yup. In one shot I had to stuff my face with bread, shrimp, cake and peppers while my suave and sophisticated counterparts stared in horror. Jaws dropped.

In the other shot I was all splashed out in Givenchy with my index finger jammed right up my nose. That was the shot. I swear to God. It was really difficult to shoot. The photographer kept saying things like 'go deeper' and 'look like you really want to find something.'

That one was for the front of my card.


Jenna Judd is a Ford model.


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