CoverModels' Laura Kell for Flare (Nov 2011)
photo: Zhang Jingna; editor: Kristen Vinakmens
hair & makeup: Tony Masciangelo (Page 1)

Laura Kell

October 5, 2021

I've been back home for well over a month, and it sure feels good.

Adjusting to life "off-the-road" is going relatively smoothly I spent a week in Vancouver visiting with my family, before flying out to Toronto and then, eventually, making my way back to Ottawa. I moved into a quaint, one-bedroom apartment with my boyfriend. I bought furniture at Ikea. I started classes at university. My life became blissfully boring again. Now, I spend my days attending Jane Austen lectures, doing my "Drugs and the State" readings, working out at the gym and relaxing with friends as opposed to running around foreign cities, with eight Eastern Bloc models and an Asian booker in tow.

When I'm modelling full-time, it's difficult to keep a routine. The fashion industry doesn't work on a 9-to-5, Monday-to-Friday basis. Castings, shoots and fittings happen at all hours of the day. Even keeping a consistent sleeping schedule is difficult. But that's all part of the excitement.

As much as I appreciate structure and routine and tri-weekly standing gym dates with my best friend - I know I will eventually get bored of being, well, boring.

Fortunately for me, I work in one of the most unpredictable industries in the world.

Monday morning, I woke up to an email in my inbox from Next, my Toronto agency. They wanted me to come into town for show castings Toronto Fashion Week show castings, that is. Snuggled up next to my boyfriend, sipping coffee and reading Jane Austen, I thought about it. Going to Toronto for a few days probably isn't a big deal for most people, but when you're trying to balance university, relationships and extra-curricular activities (I had applied to volunteer on Parliament Hill a few days before and was anxiously waiting for a reply) with modelling, it's tough.

But what if this was my last opportunity to participate in a fashion week? That might sound like a dramatic statement, but I'm not going to be young forever. I'm certainly not going to be beautiful forever. And some day, it will simply not be possible for me to model any more, no matter how fantastic I look for my age I will have unbreakable commitments, such as a husband and children.

I thought about it for a few minutes all snug and comfy in my safe little bed, in safe little Ottawa. After about half-an-hour, I emailed my booker in Toronto back, telling her I would come to town for Wednesday. I booked a Greyhound ticket immediately, and, this morning, kissed my boyfriend goodbye at the bus station.

I would have been a lot easier to stay at home.

Modelling has helped me realize that I'll have plenty of opportunities in the future to lead a comfortable, relatively safe life. But right now, being young and not tied down, I need to take advantage of every crazy opportunity thrown my way - even if those crazy opportunities come in the form of Toronto Fashion Week castings. I promised myself I would never lead a boring life. And my model life is certainly far from safe, secure and boring - just how I like it.

Laura Kell

Laura Kell is a CoverModels' model, with Next in Toronto.


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