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Laura Kell
photo: Konrad Junikewicz (

Featured Model

Laura Kell

Agency  CoverModels (Ottawa)

Hometown  West Vancouver, B.C.

Background  Italian, Eastern European (Russian, Austrian, Hungarian) and Scottish

Modelling Since  I was scouted in January 2009, but aside from some test shoots done in Ottawa, I didn't begin modelling full-time until May, when I arrived in Toronto.

Age  19

Height  5'8" (173 cm)

Hair  Dark Strawberry Blonde

Eyes  Amber

Discovered  On Facebook! I went to a party hosted by the friend of a friend, and his girlfriend was a model. She eventually posted photos of the party on her Facebook, her agent saw them and then approached me via Facebook messenger! I was very sketched out and skeptical to begin with - as any normal person should be when being approached online "by anyone"- and I had been scouted in the past by other agencies, so I wasn't really sure whether it was going to pan out. But after meeting with Viresh from CoverModels, I decided I should at least give it a try. After being placed with NEXT, I came out to Toronto for the summer to model full-time.

Best Modelling Moment  Booking Flare and Fashion Magazine within the first month of being in Toronto!

Awkward Modelling Moment  I've never really had a specific, awkward modelling moment. However, I did feel quite awkward at first after Flare magazine bleached my eyebrows for the shoot. I kept thinking to myself, "Who is going to want to date a girl with bleached-out eyebrows?" I remember going home and my roommate telling me that I looked like the Snow Queen from the Narnia film.

Favourite Market  I've only ever worked in the Toronto market, but I've heard amazing things about Japan. I definitely want to experience that market some time in the near future!

Favourite Model  I love Twiggy - her personality really shines through in her photos! And I also really like Janice Dickenson - she was the exact opposite of the "model mold" of her time, and the late Gia Carangi. She was absolutely stunning, had a gorgeous face and took some amazing photographs. R.I.P. Gia.

Most Embassing song on your iPod  I have a few Taylor Swift songs on my iPod. I can't stand country, but her stuff is so catchy.

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