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Alyssa Lambert

Featured Model

Alyssa Lambert

Agency  Panache (Winnipeg)

Hometown  Winnipeg, MB

Modelling Since  2002

Age  20

Height  178 (5'10")

Hair  Blonde

Eyes  Blue

Discovered  I won an international modelling contest in Winnipeg through Panache.

Best Modelling Moment  Being flown to Tokyo for a weekend to shoot a lingerie campaign!

Awkward Modelling Moment  In Greece shooting a catalogue with two male model friends. The guys were unaware and had to strip naked and get their whole bodies painted gold. Then to make it worse they sandwiched me in between them. To say the least I was very worried to make any sudden movements :)

Favourite Market  Anywhere in Japan probably! I've been there eight times over the last few years and I have an amazing time everytime I go!

Favourite Model  Daria Werbowy

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?  Probably all of them! I love Country! That's mostly what my iPod consists of. Maybe even worse then that I love Christmas so there's always Christmas Country songs on there too!

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