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Veronique Landry

October 15, 2021

Veronique Landry
for Perplex & Lola
My third week in Australia has been a real roller coaster of emotions!!!!

It started on Monday with terrible weather (o.k., not so bad considering it's almost summer here) but grey and rainy and I was feeling very lonely.

On Tuesday I had my first surfing lesson at 6:30 a.m. It was chilly, very windy and the waves were HUGE but it was so much fun... I just loved it. It is much harder than it looks and it will take me a while to be good at it, but by the time I come back to Canada I will be a tanned & lean surfing machine ha!

That same morning, my agent Chantale from Canada called to tell me a radio station in my hometown of Chicoutimi, Québec wanted to do an interview about this great trip, my career and of course what I thought about ultra thin models!!!! As you all know there is a lot of talk about "TOO SKINNY MODELS" right now all over the world and this was the hot topic of the week in Québec. This was going to be a 20 minute interview live from Ausrtalia.

I was really excited and nervous at the same time... it was my FIRST interview ever and everyone I knew would be listenning!!! After a couple of technical difficulties (my cell phone keep cutting off) the interview went great. They did ask me my weight (I am 5'11" and 125 lbs) and I was honest with my stuggle to be healthy and ultra thin at the same time. Not that anyone ever actually told me that I should lose a few pounds, but I know it would help me to get more editorials if I did. After that we also talked about how I got to Sydney after starting to model only a few months ago, and how everything was going so great for me!!!

They were very interested and asked me to do another more elaborate intreview when I get back home before Christmas. I am looking forward to it. There is nothing that I like more than talking about modelling! :)

I was still flying high the next morning after such an exhilarating day when my mom called to tell me very bad news. One of our dearest friends that has been very ill had taken a turn for the worse and chances were that I wouldn't be able to say goodbye to him in person. The news hit me very hard, especially having no one to talk to and share my sorrow... I cried most of the day and tried to put on a happy face for my castings, but it was very difficult!!!

On Friday morning I got another phone call with much better news. I have booked 2 jobs; a fashion show with one of Sydney's hottest new young designers and a TV commercial for Target Australia. Both jobs are next week and my agency was very pleased!!! They also told me that I have MANY good options coming up and that I should get quite busy!!!!

I am off to the magnificient Blue Mountains tomorrow and I want to savour every minute of this trip and all the amazing opportunities that life has been giving to me!!!

More to follow...

Veronique Landry is a Chantale Nadeau model.

She is currently in Australia with Priscilla's.

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