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Charlotte Le Bon

Agency  Folio (Montréal)

Hometown  The one and only Montréal, of course

Background  My father was a total stud and my mother is as beautiful as an angel. I have nothing to do with it. My parents are both brilliant actors.

Modelling Since  5 long and difficult years... lol

Age  In one month, I will have the right to drink alcohol in the USA. But I'll never do that...

Height  It depends. Sometimes 5'8", 5'8½" or even 5'9"

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Green

Discovered  A guy approched me in a bank (he surely smelled that I was in need of money) and asked me how tall I was. And then, another one in the metro and then a strange girl at my work at the time (I was tearing off tickets in a cinema...)

Best Modelling Moment  When I first met my one and only booker of my heart, Alex de Bellefeuille.

Awkward Modelling Moment  The very famous indepedent boob, showing off without any timidity.

Favourite Market  Guess? show for the opening of a Marciano Boutique in Shanghai, because I was paid to visit the city for one week and travelled first class.

Favourite Model  Marilyn Monroe. She is the real image of the real women.

Last Music you Purchased  Feist. I hate her. She's too good.

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