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Kyla Love
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Featured Model

Kyla Love

Agency  LizBell

Hometown  Squamish, B.C.

Background  ¼ Japanese, ¾ [Dutch, Irish, English, Scottish]

Modelling Since  2005

Age  19

Height  5'8" (173 cm)

Hair  Dark Brown

Eyes  Green

Discovered  One fine sunny day in Squamish, B.C., 80s supermodel Liz Bell was walking her dog, Jenny, alongside the beautiful waters of the Mamquam River, when a shot rang out from the nearby rifle range! Jenny bolted out of sight—thus, Liz's search began. Liz called out her name, but Jenny was nowhere to be found. Seeking assistance on her quest, Liz inquired at the riverfront kayak store owned by my parents. There, she met my wonderful mother. The rest is history...

Best Modelling Moment  I'm currently loving being a featured model on [Editor's note: YES!!!!!!!] Does two years of living and working in Asia, New York, and Paris count as a moment?

Awkward Modelling Moment  Most recently, almost peeing my pants whilst jumping on a trampoline for a huge ad campaign in Paris (with about 30 people on set watching). Getting heat stroke and passing out mid-photograph was also a proud moment.

Favourite Market  Hong Kong because it is the epitome of juxtaposition, Paris because I love being immersed in the French language, and New York because of its frenetic energy (and because there are books everywhere; it's like residing in a massive library!). The personalities of these cities are reflected in the entire experience of working there.

Favourite Model  Björk

Most embarrassing song on your iPod  my entire eighties dance music playlist—not because the music is embarrassing per se, but because my dance moves when I listen to it most certainly are.

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