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Joe Macmillan

Featured Model

Joe MacMillan

Agency  Hi-Fi (Edmonton)

Hometown  An Ultra-Small Town in Northern Alberta

Background  ½ Ukrainian, ¼ Scottish, ¼ [Métis & other mixes]

Modelling Since  2007

Age  20

Height  6'1½" (187 cm)

Hair  A lovely shade of Brown

Eyes  A lovely shade of Brown

Discovered  I was interested in acting and performing after finishing high school in 2007. Upon reading about different actors and their beginnings, I noticed a trend of actors such as Ashton Kutcher, Ian Somerhalder and Brandon Routh being involved in modelling before acting. I figured I'd give it a go and see where it took me, so I looked into different agencies in Edmonton, before contacting one. I went to their offices and signed with them, hoping something big would happen to take me away from the frozen Alberta winters. Well, a couple years went by with little-to-no progress, and during that time I had moved on and started working as a pipefitter. Then on a whim when work slowed down, I went to Los Angeles for sightseeing, and about 20 steps after turning on to Hollywood Blvd I was approached by a photographer that wanted to shoot me. It got the little voice in the back of my mind to start speaking up again, and I got in contact with Fiona from Hi-Fi Models. A few months later, I'm travelling to the other side of the world. I credit Fiona for almost everything.

Best Modelling Moment  My best modelling moment would be difficult to choose. The whole experience so far has been the best moment of my life. Along with the work and castings, so many of the great things about modelling come in the lifestyle. Going in to my normal day job in Edmonton and quitting, (knowing that I'd be on a plane to Shanghai in a matter of days,) was a great feeling! Arriving in Shanghai, meeting people from all over the world, and then going out and realizing that models get together and party together, for free? That's another strange, great feeling. The job definitely has it's perks, and meeting new people (such beautiful girls!), learning phrases from different languages (both from the countries/cities you visit, and from the models you live with and spend time with)... these are all combined into one great moment in my mind. The past year has all gone by so fast!

Awkward Modelling Moment  "Awkward" is what you make it; "Funny moments," that's a better way of phrasing it in my mind. Some of the translation issues, and culture differences lead to great and hilarious misunderstandings.

Also, for some of the fashion shows I've had in Asia, the clients dream up this elaborate show, with the models following some complicated pattern with 15 stops and turns and figure eights and giving flowers to each other and walking dogs and dancing, only to change it at the last moment, after the models have done (no joke) six to eight rehersals and it doesn't go as planned.

One more that comes to mind is when the clients told me at a shoot that they wanted me to celebrate and yell. So I started screaming, running around, jumping and sliding like a World Cup celebration after a goal, only to look over at the client and photographer, who look scared. They tell me: "You shouldn't actually yell... it's too loud!"

Favourite Market  I'm still undecided, as I have yet to venture to New York or Europe (which I would love to do soon!). So far though, my favorite has been my first location; Shanghai. The city is amazing, and I met so many people there! Great parties, fun jobs, and I celebrated Chinese New Year in China! How many people do I know in Canada right now that can say that? Maybe after taking a tour around Europe and New York I'll be able to give a better opinion on favorite markets.

Favourite Model  Male Model: Andrei Flinker, a Russian from Canada, was one of my first modelling buddies in Shanghai. He's traveled around the world for years, to all the major markets and cities, and without knowing he taught me the right attitude and perspective for this lifestyle. That's why he's my favorite.

Female Model: Doutzen Kroes... does this even need to be explained?

I also really enjoyed Drea Vujovic's 'featured model' page on Modelresource as well... too funny!

Most embarrassing song on your iPod  Oh, my iPod is littered with some great guilty-pleasures! Sometimes when people hear "(Funky) Sex Farm" by Spinal Tap, they give me quite the look... "Oogum Boogum" by Brenton Wood and "Summer Girls" by LFO are other classics that gets most people to either laugh or give me a puzzled look.

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