Heidi Marie

April 7, 2021

Heidi Marie
Heidi Marie
photo: Josh Cornell
The second the passport control officer stamped my passport and cleared me to go to baggage claim I felt as though a huge weight was lifted off of me. What seemed so far away for the longest time was now just in its beginnings. I was in LONDON! and I had never been before (except as a wee little one).

My friend (model, Kelsey McDonald) met me and we scampered off to the 'Tube' (the subway) while exploding with stories of our travels and new ones to come. Once in the tube station I was confronted by a map with a maze of colours. The subway in London is no Milan or Toronto subway that's for sure!

I arrived at my apartment in a fairly central location, all thanks to the direction of Kelsey or who knows where I would have ended up? My apartment is a... well... charming little thing. Models are always asked how we stay so down to earth in this business, and not get stuck up... well models' apartments are probably a big reason why. Sure a bathroom door that closes and locks would be nice, or even some shower curtains and a shower hose that didn't have holes that soaked your whole bathroom, but hey I am in an amazing city with six weeks of unforgettable experiences ahead of me so who am I to complain? Cheap rent + Lovely Norwegian and British roommates + a kitchen + washing machine!!!!!! I would say I struck gold.

Three full days of castings and I think I am getting the hang of things. However, the buses are very confusing and I prefer to walk from whatever tube station I am at. My feet feel like they are going to fall off some days because of this. Something else confusing about finding your way around London is that some streets don't seem to have names printed anywhere. It is as though someone went around deciding some streets needed names and some didn't. Also one day I missed a casting because I was supposed to be at 30 Greyhound Rd. and I swear that the street went from 28 to 32. I spent about 10 minutes running around looking for this hidden building. I stopped in a bunch of little shops and of course each one pointed me in a different direction than the one before. I ended up missing the casting and being late for the next one!!

One exciting part of my travels so far was when I was travelling down Oxford St. after enjoying a 10 minute - and much needed - coffee break from castings, when I saw a fellow tall red head heading in my direction. She didn't see me at first but it was definitely Emily Lambe! I called her name and she was extremely surprised to see me. I had known she would be in London but she had no idea that I would be. It's always so nice to see a familiar face when you are in a foreign country. It was also very coincidental that we have bumped into each other now in London and Milan, it makes the world feel so small. We quickly caught up as we were both rushing around to make all of our castings.

For ten minutes today I swear I was thrown into an episode of Ugly Betty or something! I arrived at a go-see the same time as another model so we went up to the studio together. Once in, the photographer welcomed us and asked us to sit down on one of the sofas in his studio. I sat there and the other model sat at a sofa beside it, understandably, assuming that since I was there first the photographer was going to sit beside me. When the photographer came back to where we were waiting he gasped and said to the other model "Oh!! you better not be sitting on my prints". Flustered, she quickly got up, apologized and grabbed her purse that from the look on the photographer's face must have been sitting dangerously close to prints.

He snatched the prints and took them out of the package. I was under the impression that he was just trying to pull her leg by reacting so strongly. "I hope you didn't damage these" he said as he examined the print VERY closely "Ah this is terrible... it's ruined" he said after he must have found some kind of dent.

The poor model apologized a million times and I was still expecting to hear his British accent say "just messing with you!" Actually, I was smiling in anticipation of it (probably not the smartest idea). "I don't think I could ever work with you!!" he exclaimed to the other model and this is when I realized he was not kidding in the slightest. "Could you please leave my studio, I don't want to see you."

The model apologized again and left. I probably looked like a deer in the headlights as I sat there stunned at the situation. He turned to me frustrated, and explained to me how he couldn't believe how she would sit on prints when he had specifically instructed where we were to sit. I apologized for what happened to the print with a shaky voice (afraid that I was next to leave the studio with no job prospects). He looked at my book and at least seemed to like me. I then left and when I saw the model outside the building I just felt terrible for her. I gave her a hug and told her it was a very honest mistake. It really could have been me or any other model, that's why I felt so bad. Moral of the story: Listen to instructions VERY carefully!!!! Then the Ugly Betty episode/nightmare was over. I finished up my castings for the day and I am now going to go and try to find a place to get wireless for my laptop.



Heidi Marie is an Elite model, currently in London with M&P Models.


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