Heidi Marie

April 24, 2021

Heidi Marie
Heidi Marie
photo: Josh Cornell
One of the most crazy things about London is that the weather is extremely unpredictable. I woke up this morning to a lovely sunny day and went out on my castings. It was still sunny once I had finished up my castings for the day and headed into the tube. I was in there for about 20 minutes and when I came outside it was like a hurricane hit London(well ok it wasn't that bad) The rain was coming down like crazy which was not favorable to the little white sun dress I was wearing (I had a casting earlier where I had to dress like a "sexy, floaty pixie"...right) And, as if the rain wasn't enough, all of a sudden I was being pelted by rather larger pieces of hail. I also think my pink knickers gave a little appearance to the 14 year old neighbor boys as I turned down my street, all due to the gale- like winds. Well, I got inside and decided I was going to call it a night because of the weather. I started making food and all of a sudden it is sunny and happy looking again.

Not to complain though because I have had a fantastic week. I shot an editorial on Tuesday for a teen magazine called 'SUGAR'. The crew was absolutely wonderful; they were all under the age of thirty and super-hip and nice and all that fun stuff. The shoot happened to be a short walk from where I lived and when I got there they had coffee and yogurt and pastries for the models to eat...yum. The studio was the quirkiest thing ever, with multi- colored staircases and random windows and plants slapped about. The photographer was cracking jokes all day and it was just such good fun. He also is in a really cool band called 'The Lea Shores'. They have a gig coming up on Tuesday that I am going to and the whole crew will be there. About mid-day the makeup artist ordered one of the assistants to go out and buy tons of chocolate for everyone. We sat in a big circle in the sitting room eating lunch AND chocolate. The photographer insisted it was a "seance". When my shooting was finished up I had no desire to leave at all.

Then later this week I woke up and thought it was going to be just a regular day. I was getting ready when my agency called and told me I had to go try clothes on for Levis a.s.a.p. I thought nothing of it at the time, when I got there the guy gave me a bunch of clothes to try on and told me I was on the short list for the Levis Vintage advertisments!!! Then later that day my agency called and told me they loved me and that I would find out on Tuesday if I got it or not. AHHH fingers crossed, it is brutal sometimes waiting to find out about options. Well Tuesday came... and I got it!!! I am very excited about it, we are shooting it all day on a beach outside of London. I met some of the team at the casting and they all seemed really cool. Plus it will be a great for my book.

I only have two more weeks left now which seems very crazy. I have already been here for an entire month! I am still getting along with both of my roomates which is great. My shower is completely broken now which is not so great. Well if holding a bucket under a tap and dumping it on yourself doesn't qualify as broken, then its not completely broken. Also living in close quarters with other girls you tend to learn some interesting things about each other. I have come to learn that I have quite interesting conversations in my sleep. The other day Kine (my roomate) asked me if I remembered what I had said in the night. I was completely confused and she said I woke up saying "we should go...we should go" when she asked where we should go I said "we should go shopping for Ketchup together" she apparently was like "WHAT?!" and then I said "UGH never mind" and fell back to sleep. Also in Milan my room-mates told me I woke up one night and began to describe to them what split ends were. haha a little embarassing but it could be worse I guess.

Anyway I am off to bed. I am shooting a hair job for Wella tommorow in which they are dying my hair red. Then it has to be back to my natural color for Levis two days later. Then I have another job on Sunday and they are dying it blonder!! Oh dear.



Heidi Marie is a Panache model, currently in London with M&P Models.


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