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Courtney Mark
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January 27, 2021

I've been here for three weeks officially. Time seems to be going by kind of slowly - I feel like I have been here for at least a month already! The past few weeks have been filled with castings and waiting and more castings and more waiting. I am told that for many models here, the first month is usually slower with work as the clients are just getting to know you. Most of the jobs you cast for don't shoot until your second month anyway. So far I've had two jobs, with two more coming up. Nothing too big yet but I am an option for a couple TVC's that I would love to get, so fingers crossed!

My first job was at an event for L'Oréal. They were launching a new Kérastase hair product and hired six models to showcase the product. When we arrived at the job, we all had our hair and makeup done and then four of the six models (me not being in the four) put on gold dresses and went to do a rehearsal. I was wondering why another girl and I didn't go do this, but thought we would do it later. We soon found out that the two of us had to wear a small, nude, spandex tube top, accompanied by long, nude, spandex shorts. They used some kind of gold dust mixed with baby oil to paint us. They tried to cover the spandex in the gold mixture, but that didn't work , so they sent us out to stand at the entrance with basically a nude body suit and gold skin. Of course, there was press there covering the event, so our pictures are circulating in the media somewhere. It's a little bit embarrassing, as I felt like I had forgotten to put my clothes on and was just wearing undergarments! Oh well though, right? At least it's over with!

Note to Self: Always bring a scarf or light sweater to jobs and castings. If you check The Weather Network the temperature here is quite high, usually high 20s to mid 30s, however Thai people love their AC! You go from outside to inside and it's an instant change of temperature. Hot to cold in a snap! So I've learned that when you will be somewhere for a long period of time (castings and jobs) you definitely want to bring something that will keep the hair from standing up on your arms! Some places are not too bad, fairly bearable, but others are like a Canadian winter! Okay, maybe not that bad but it does get really cold!

Back to all of the waiting: As mentioned in my last entry, here in Bangkok at castings they do your hair and makeup. Each girl getting their hair and makeup fully done = much time taken, which also = much time waiting. This is why you must strategically plan your casting times, or if you don't care, just go whenever and hope that luck is on your side that day! When you arrive at a casting and open the door one of two things will happen:

A) You let out a sigh of relief that there are only one or two models in front of you, or if your extra lucky, none!


B) You cringe at the sight of the room filled with models. The model currently doing the casting is #12 and you sign in as #28. This is when an iPod, book or magazine comes in handy!

A few last notes to add before the end of this entry:

  • First: I went to a casting and while waiting, started flipping through a magazine that was beside me. As I was flipping pages, mainly just looking at the pictures because I can't read Thai, I came across my Artistry ad from last time I was here! The magazine was from January 2010, hence my ad being in there at the time. It was so weird! At first I just stared at it, then after a couple seconds I realized I was looking at myself in this magazine!

  • Second: Another casting story - I went to a casting for some kind of wine and of course when I got there they did hair and makeup. Hair was normal, pulled back into a ponytail, but makeup was a different story. It was blue and green eye shadow, paired with yellow lips. Interesting!

  • (article continues below)

    Well that's all I have for you to read for now, but I'm sure something blog worthy will pop up soon! Goodbye for now, all the way from Thailand,


    Courtney Mark is an Images model, currently with JIM in Bangkok.


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