Courtney Mark

February 15, 2021

Since last time I wrote for ModelResource, I have had four jobs: two magazines, a print ad for Sansiri (which is a property company here) and a TVC for Walls Ice Cream! Of course, all of these jobs fell within one week of each other, making me very busy for that week and extremely tired the week following. The first magazine consisted of beauty shots in which they made me tanned. I found it quite odd because here in Thailand everyone loves to be white and have white skin. All of their skincare products have whitening in them. That being said, in this shoot, they made me dark, tanned in fact. They used quite a bit of makeup to make me look like I had a bronze glow. You would think they were doing this to show the distaste for it, but no, they were making me some beach beauty with this great tan. I was a tad confused to say the least!

Courtney Mark
Images' Courtney Mark
The next magazine was a travel magazine, and I am on the cover! Not a big magazine, but I'm on the cover, so who cares! I shot with a guy and the idea was that we were travelling to great destinations on our honeymoon. Next on the list is the property job. It was for some townhouse/ condo type place called Town Avenue. It was a fairly easy job. All I had to do was pretend to enjoy different parts of my home. That being said, it took eleven hours to shoot! After I finished, a van took me and a few others home. At one point we came to a red light, stopped and sat there for awhile which is quite normal here in Bangkok. I played a few games on my phone and we still hadn't moved. After an unknown amount of time, I started getting antsy and was wondering what was going on so I started to time the light. By the time it finally turned green, 25 minutes had passed. 25 minutes!!!

The weekend following the property job I did the shoot for the Walls Ice Cream commercial. This was definitely the most fun job I have ever done. It involved two water slides, three harnesses, three different types of fruit popsicles, many replicas of the same dress and of course, lots of wind and water! The storyboard consisted of me coming out of my office into the heat, seeing a fruit stand, going over, going to touch a fruit. It peels back and out comes the Popsicle! I grab the Popsicle, take a bite and BAM I am picked up by a tornado of fruit and am fully refreshed by this Popsicle! Now you can imagine what the harnesses and waterslides were for! Over the two days we shot for 34 hours; 13 the first day and 21 the second. It was a long couple of days, but I had so much fun doing it so I didn't mind at all! The directors and crew were so great to work with; I can't wait to see it when it's all finished!

All of my time in-between castings or jobs has been spent at the gym, relaxing in my apartment or out at my cousin's house with him and his family! On Sunday, we went for Valentines brunch at a place called Crepes & Co. It's a Mediterranean and French restaurant and was so good! They have so many different types of crepes, as well as pancakes and every other breakfast food you can think of.

The weather is so hot all the time; I don't know how Thai people can stand it! Everywhere I go I feel like I'm sweating like I just ran a marathon! Of course, I'm in shorts and a tank top, while the rest of the people are wearing jeans, a shirt and a light jacket. My question is HOW?! They don't even look like they are about to break a sweat. But I do suppose they are just used to this climate.

I am in a slight sleepy state, as I couldn't seem to sleep last night and only got about five hours! The next time I write I could possibly be in Hong Kong. My contract here is up in a couple weeks and HK is the next planned destination! So for (maybe) one last time,

Sawatdii kah, all the way from Thailand!


Courtney Mark is an Images model, currently with JIM in Bangkok.


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