Heather Marks

March 19, 2021

Heather Marks
Heather Marks

Heather Marks
for Paul Hardy

Heather Marks
for Paul Hardy

Heather Marks and Kelly Streit
with Mode's Kelly Streit

Modelresource loves Heather Marks. And not just because our readers love her, either.

Modelresource loves Heather because she maintains a youthful spirit, yet possesses a maturity that belies her 16 years.

She is of the generation of doll-like models that burst onto the international scene less than two years ago, known for their big eyes and delicate features.

Modelresource watched Monday, as Heather purposely disrupted several photos by smacking fellow Mode Model Twyla Hayes (whom Modelresource also loves - but that's a story for another day) on the back, all while keeping a straight face.

Whether that playful teen her mother told us about, the polished beauty that walks for the world's top designers or the photogenic beacon on the magazine rack, Ms. Marks makes Modelresource smile.

Heather was in Toronto for the Paul Hardy show, as part of L'Oreal Fashion Week.

Modelresource (MR): How is it coming to do a show in Canada?

Heather Marks (HM): I love coming back, honestly - you're close to home, and it's always fun to support fellow Canadians.

MR: You've done Paul Hardy's shows before.

HM: Yeah, he's from Calgary, I'm from Calgary, and when he first started I had just been scouted by Mode and started going to fittings. So it's fun because we both got started together.

MR: Are you accustomed now to being a top model?

HM: Yeah, you kind of get used to it. You end up not knowing any different - it's your lifestyle. You're used to waking up really early and doing shows throughout the day and getting not very much sleep. But it's fun.

MR: What would you want people to know about international modelling?

HM: It's harder than you think it is. People think it's all about standing in front of the camera and getting your picture taken. But it's not quite that easy. It's a lot of long hours - a lot of traveling and a lot of being away from your friends and family, but in the end it's a good experience and something most people don't regret.

MR: You started young. Could you have done it without the support of your family?

HM: I'm still young! But definitely not. In Europe you're gone for three weeks. It's hard work - you don't sleep. If I didn't have my mom there I'd break down. You get lonely.

My sisters have come with me. They're always so supportive. If I ever needed them, they'd be here in a second. You definitely need the support of the family.

MR: How long you want to do this?

HM: As long as it lasts. You take it as it comes.

MR: Anything you want to say to modelresource readers that voted you as the current favourite in our year-end poll?

HM: Thanks!