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Ivy Matheson

September 7, 2021

Goodbye Tokyo!

I can't believe another trip has come and gone. Tokyo happened within the blink of an eye. It truly became my second home. I felt so at ease and comfortable, however saying goodbye wasn't as difficult as I'd anticipated it would be. I think that is because my subconscious knows that my leave is only temporary as I will most likely be back one day very soon.

My last few weeks in Tokyo couldn't have run more smoothly. On August 7th, after continued steady work, I began a two week vacation. I flew my Mom from home and for two weeks we travelled around Japan and played the part of typical tourists. It was so much fun, and long overdue. Mentally, it was just the break I needed from the working grind. No matter how sweet the clients are here, and how lovely the jobs are, I know myself and I know that I do reach a point where I need a break from it all. A break from anything that has to do with models and modelling. And those two weeks with my Mom were perfect. After her departure I completed one last job in Tokyo -- a tv commercial! I was so happy to learn I'd booked my first tvc in Tokyo! I love doing commercials, they're a nice break from the norm and allow you to get a little bit crazy... and act! I love acting. And this one did not let me down. My role was a crazy, snotty brat and I had so much fun fulfilling it! Although my voice was lost from all the screaming and whining I had to do, I sounded like a chain smoker every time I spoke. Just another perk of the job! (ha ha).

I've never felt this happy or satisfied leaving a market. My agency has models who return every year and have done so for the past decade -- I can almost see myself becoming one of those girls... and why not? I walked away having made more money than ever, with a heavy stack of tear sheets (the cause for my overweight luggage I'm sure) and met so many lovely people who will always have a place in my heart! What's not to love!

As my bookers said to me on my last day... It's not goodbye it's see you soon!

Arrigato Tokyo!

xo Ivy

Ivy Matheson is an Images model, with Cinq Deux Un in Tokyo.


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