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Ivy Matheson

November 20, 2021

I didn't think I would find myself back in Tokyo so soon. After a week spent in New York, some time in Toronto and at home in Nova Scotia... here I am! Things are a little different this time around. I'm here on a much shorter contact -- a "stint" if you will -- before I head back home for the holidays. Last Christmas was spent in an airplane from Korea to Taiwan. This year I decided I would make sure to be home for the holidays. I have my own little bachelor apartment, which I've quickly come to love. My own space in the middle of this big city!

Arriving back in Tokyo it feels as though I have never left! Tokyo is so comfortable for me, it's like my second home. It's weird how drastically the weather has changed though. When I think of Tokyo I think 30-degree-sweating-to-death-in-the-sun. Now the weather is nice and mild, but still warmer than Canada.

A great thing about the Japanese: they use heat! I have such vivid memories of freezing my butt off in Korea at every single job. For some reason they just didn't believe in turning the heat on in the studio, even in the dead of winter. (Korea is FREEZING in the winter, seriously colder than Canada.) So I totally appreciate working in a heated space. And the clients are always asking if I am cold and if I'd like them to turn the heat up... it's so nice. I've also been taking advantage of hot green tea from the genius Japanese vending machines. Such a savior when you're walking home from a job on a cold night. I love Japan!

The months I spent in Tokyo during the summer were extremely busy and successful. Since arriving at the beginning of November I've noticed things are a little slower. I'm working, but it's not as busy as I'd like it to be. I'm hoping things will pick up more and more as we near the holidays. I'll be curious to see how a contract of six weeks will pan out- successful or not.

The streets are already lined with lights and decorations in Tokyo. Christmas tunes are playing from speakers, and I'm already in the holiday spirit. So... happy holidays from Tokyo!

xo Ivy

Ivy Matheson is an Images model, with Cinq Deux Un in Tokyo.


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