Images' Ivy Matheson, from Seoul

Ivy Matheson

December 13, 2021

November, where did you go? It's hard to believe I've been in Seoul for over a month now. Sometimes the days feel slow, yet this month somehow disappeared in the blink of an eye.

After spending some time in this market, I can safely say it's been a lot slower pace than Shanghai. I'm not exaggerating when I say everything is much slower! Castings are sometimes one a day; jobs are less frequent, shorter and move at a much more relaxed pace. This is not necessarily a bad thing however. Seoul is about quality, while Shanghai seemed to be much more about quantity. I consider myself a quality over quantity kind of girl, but I think for the modelling industry I prefer a bit of a happy medium.

Often in Shanghai, due to the language barrier, the models would ask the bookers for feedback after a casting. Did the client like me? What did they say? Why didn't they like me? What can I do to improve? In China the bookers would respond in a very honest manner. They would tell you exactly what the client did or did not like. Sometimes it was brutally honest: "The client said your pose so bad." "Your walk not good." "Too much fat, too many wrinkles." "Too flat, your eyes so tired."

Yes, the Chinese are brutally honest. It's very different in Seoul. On the few occasions other models and I have asked what the clients have said, we got nothing more than a simple shrug of the shoulders and a "They didn't say anything." It's like they are actually afraid to hurt our feelings! Models, we have thick skin, we've heard it all and then some. I'm dying for some feedback here!

I am so very happy, thrilled and still slightly in disbelief about the fact that my portfolio has undergone a complete facelift within the past few weeks. I now have photos in my portfolio from almost every job I've had in Seoul. My agency here has been amazing about getting pictures from my jobs and building up my book. They've done everything in their power to get me updated shots, which I am so grateful for! The latest addition to my book? MY VERY FIRST TEAR, FROM MY VERY FIRST EDITORIAL! It may be cheesy but I feel like an entirely new, revived model when I'm walking around to castings with my portfolio now. It's so important for a model to feel confident when handing their portfolio to a client. I can honestly say in the past I often felt embarrassed as the clients looked at outdated pictures of me from four years ago, when I had short blond bob.

This may be slightly self-evident (yes it most definitely is) but it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas in Seoul! Twinkle lights, holiday music and holiday shoppers can be spotted everywhere! I'll be spending Christmas here in Seoul; my very first away from home. Who knows what will transpire!


Ivy Matheson is an Images model, with View in Seoul.


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