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Nadine McAdam

Featured Model

Nadine McAdam

Agency  Sutherland (Toronto)

Hometown  Toronto is my hometown

Background  ½ Japanese / ½ Irish... Mom's Japanese and Dad's Irish

Modelling Since  Since March 2006

Height  5'7" (or 173... apparently I have grown a couple centimetres lately :D)

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Green

Discovered  I was discovered stuffing my face with sushi at the Eaton Centre by Corey Mann from Next.. actuallly I didn't want to talk to him since I had no idea why he wanted to talk to me, so I even tried to get up and run away from him! Luckily I gave him a chance to tell me what exactly it was he was up to!

Best Modelling Moment  There is so much that I love about modelling and so many moments that I want to remember forever. The modelling industry, to many people, is a very shallow one, but I believe that it is only what you make it, I have met so many amazing people, and lifelong friends and feel that I have grown up so much since I began. But I think so far I think one of the highlights was definitely getting the opportunity to shoot with Bruce Weber last summer in Vancouver for Abercrombie.

Awkward Modelling Moment  I would have to say my most awkward modelling moment would probably stem from the same shoot as the one mentioned above. It had only been about six months since I began modelling and it was my first time modelling with a male model. I was paired up with this one model, and since I had spent my summer in Singapore I had been flown into the shoot later than all the other models, therefore missing orientation and the "getting to know one another" days, which are pretty crucial when you are going to be shooting so close to one another! Anyways we were sitting on this couch side by side in the middle of the forest waiting for Bruce Weber to shoot, and the stylist looks at both of us and says "You know you two should sit a whole lot closer than that since I am sure in a couple minutes you're going to be lying on top of one another" We both just kinda looked at each other and turned red, smiled and looked away. And sure enough about 10 minutes later we had to do exactly that.. and undress one another with about 25, maybe even a couple more people watching us!

Favourite Market  Right now I think I am rather biased since I am having the time of my life in Hong Kong. The jobs are mostly magazine or newspaper and they're only about four hours, short and sweet, especially after coming from Taipei where the shoots are ON AVERAGE 9hrs long.. I had a 12 hour beauty magazine shoot there for Cosmopolitan, it was insane. And here the clients speak English, something that I overlooked entirely before my experience in Taipei. But of course in the end, there is nothing like home. So I would have to say Toronto.. can't stress enough that there's nothing like home.. and I know and have shot with alot of makeup artists, hair stylists, stylists, photographers, etc. that it's so comfortable.

Favourite Model  There are so many models that I love; Gemma Ward, Daria, Jessica Stam, but even more I love and look up to models that have a more unique look and had to overcome some odds stacked against them, like Kate Moss and Devon Aoki.

Most Embassing song on your iPod  Hmmm.. where to begin... I'm such a teeny-bopper at heart.. I think I have just about every 'Nsync song, some disney in there as well... I'm not cool haha pretty much half my Ipod is embarassing!


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