Jess McEown

May 5, 2021

Jess McEown
Jess McEown
photo Maja Hajduk
Crazy is the only word I can use to describe the past three days. After a looong journey here, I found out that my luggage was still stuck in Amsterdam. I used a payphone for 20 seconds to tell my agency I would be late for the driver and it cost 6EUR, which is $9 Canadian. I arrive at my agency sans luggage and clean clothes and am put straight to work. Demanding a shower and time to organize myself before I go anywhere, I am told that due to time constraints I must take a taxi, which also cost six times as much as it would in Toronto. I then have my introduction to my new agency and castings. Keep in mind that I arrived here at 10am Milan time, which is 4am Toronto time, and also only a few hours past my preferred bedtime.

The madness didn't stop Friday. More castings with two hour lineups, learning the complicated Metro line that doesn't have English signs, realizing I don't speak a word of Italian, and trying to get back my missing baggage (which finally arrived this morning). Thankfully I have a very awesome roommate who speaks English, and has been here several times before to help navigate.

As an added bonus, we have very nice neighbours, who are also our landlords, and seem to really love taking care of us. This means we get to avoid the dreaded PR's and the crappy model parties. Last night was nothing spectacular, nor was it as bad as I predicted it would be, though the men are exactly like their stereotype. No explanation necessary. One thing though, how the hell did we hear that crap Chumbawumba song, Tubthumping twice in one night?!

Jess McEown is a Ford model, represented by Joy Models in Milano.


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