Jess McEown

May 18, 2021

Jess McEown
Jess McEown
Have hit the two week mark of being here. Finally becoming accustomed to the fast pace, though this past week has been a looong one. On average there are about six castings a day, which are always conveniently located across the city from one another. It is not unusual to wait in line for two hours, with clients requesting to see over 200 girls from ten different agencies. How does anyone make any money in this city!? I booked my first job for a fashion show last week, which is somewhat of a relief, but I still need at least ten more to come.

We have also had very limited access to the internet in our 3000 EU/month apartment. I still haven't really talked to any of my friends or family since I've arrived, let alone feed my addiction. I also have about 15 mosquito bites, as well as a small reaction on my face and throat from drinking tap water. Took a break from castings a few days ago to recover. He he, so hard being a model.

Despite all this, I really am having an amazing time. I love my roomates, there are a ton of girls from Toronto here that I know, and I really do enjoy the constant craziness. This weekend we are most likely going with my roomate Amelie to stay with one of her friends in the South of France. Mosquito infestations? My tired feet? My lack of facebooking and emailing? Ahh, I forget already.

Jess McEown is a Ford model, represented by Joy Models in Milano.


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