Jess McEown

June 20, 2021

Jess McEown
Jess McEown
This lack of inter-netting has been brutal! A new neighbour just moved in down the lane, conveniently leaving their Internet network open for us...

So much has happened here, I'm not even sure where to begin! Maybe with this past weekend perhaps? I decided to take a last minute trip to Paris to visit Christina and Emily from Elite Toronto and Amelie, my old roomate from here in Milan. We had an amazing time, but what an adventure my journey there was. My flight info was lost in translation, and I somehow managed to show up at the wrong airport, missing my flight completely. WHO DOES THAT!? Ahh the stress. Lost my mind and booked another ticket, without realizing that it was only one way. Crap. Was stranded for a few days until I could find a cheap enough flight home. Thank god for Chris and Emily being so accommodating and letting me stay, and also for my agency here not wanting to kill me.

Other then that, things here have been going quite well. Been picking up on a lot of Italian, although sometimes I wish I wasn't when we walk by that construction crew working on our street. :) Jobs have also been fairly steady, mostly booking runway shows and a TV spot. A few weeks back I did a show in Rome where we walked to a Feist remix. Go Canada!

I also have two new roomates, neither of whom speak English. One is from Brazil, the other Southern Italy. Funny enough, they understand us on Friday night when they want to know what club to go to, but when I tell them to do their dishes I get, "Io no capito?" For the first time though, I am actually enjoying living in a model apartment. So not "America's Top Model" like my last living situation was.

Today is the 50 day mark and I'm starting to feel the pains of missing home. It might just be the killer heat though (feels like 35 and it's only 11am). Let's hope it doesn't get to me. 35 days to go!

Jess McEown is a Ford model, represented by Joy Models in Milano.


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