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Taylor McKay

Agency  Elmer Olsen (Toronto)

Hometown  Vancouver

Background  Irish, Scottish, German

Modelling Since  I began modelling full time in 2008

Height  5'9½" (177 cm)

Hair  Dark Blonde

Eyes  Blue
(below: Taylor in her own words)
Taylor McKay
Taylor McKay by Kelly Ng ( in Bello Magazine / Photo Vogue

Discovered  I originally wanted to pursure acting but I was entered in a model search competition in Toronto and was chosen out of more than 3000 entries. (winning the competition)

Best Modelling Moment  
-Shooting in an old Italian vinyard where we shot for 1 hour, stopped for 3 hours for a homemade Italian lunch, and the photographer told me I could take a nap after.
-Shooting Toilet Paper Magazine in Milano, working with photographer Pierpaulo Ferrari. Being in that studio there was a very freeing, and powerful, creative energy. Rather than being just another pretty face, and selling a product, I felt inspired being part of the creative process, and felt there was great artistic meaning in the images we were making.

Awkward Modelling Moment  
-Modeling winter coats in the humid Tokyo summer. After 6 hours I couldn't take the heat, and had a panic attack.
-I was doing a campaign for MIKIMOTO jewellery in Tokyo, and after we finished the necklaces we got to the rings... my fingers are double jointed and I couldn't do the hand pose they wanted me to so the entire crew of 15 Japanese people surrounded me gawking at my "crooked" fingers.

Favourite Market  Milano simply because "people make the place," and Paris because the french eat, sleep, and breathe fashion. Their passion for the vision they want to create, combined with their professional work ethic can be lethal!

Favourite Model  My best friend Dani Seitz. Because of the way she is able to balance transforming into a completely differen't character, but also be herself in front of the camera (and in the industry). I think to be a lasting model you need to be elastic; have the ability to be tangible and malleable, but always strong.

Most Embassing song on your iPod  A jazz song my friend and I recorded on garage band. Let's just say there's a bit of Aretha Franklin trapped inside this skinny white girl.


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