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Stacey McKenzie - page two

Feb 25, 2021

Stacey McKenzie

Stacey McKenzie signed on with Women Management in New York, where she was excited to be under the direction of owner Paul Rowlands. He, McKenzie says, was equally excited about her, and had put McKenzie's face on the cover of an agency promo prior to her arrival in Manhattan. Again though, McKenzie clashed with her bookers.

Despite the friction McKenzie landed a Calvin Klein (CKBE) fragrance campaign by talking her way into a callback being conducted by legendary photographer Richard Avedon. After hours of talking, Avedon told McKenzie she got the job.

"I was like 'Really? How about you call my booker at the agency in fact, call all the bookers at the agency and tell them you're booking me for the campaign. And tell them I'm the only girl, other than Kate Moss, that you booked for this campaign from Women Model Management.' And he did it, right in front of me. He said, 'if that's what you want, no problem.'"

Today, McKenzie's focusing on conveying her wisdom to a new crowd of models, through her company, Stacey McKenzie's Walk This Way. Combining personal style with a formulated technical approach, she also focuses on grooming and styling , and brings in a guest designer to give real-world advice. There's also a surprise in the final session, but McKenzie wouldn't give up what that is.

Stacey McKenzieAside from the industry basics, McKenzie also hopes to give new models a message. "Don't give up on it. No matter what, keep pushing. Keep going. Like me, all of them said no, but I made sure I kept going back to them and saying 'you need to say yes.' Just keep at it. They want you to give up on it. Don't!"

"What we need to get across to the new agencies is that they need to stop following what's going on and stop having a token black girl, a token Asian girl, a token Indian girl. The new agencies need to change people's minds and be more open to different races. Because once they start doing it in the new agencies, we'll be so much better off. And for that token black girl that's trying to get her foot in the door, it'll make it so much easier."

"There's so many other stories, but the main thing for people to know is that you really have to fight. The main thing for people who want to pursue this industry - it is a business. Stay on top of everything including your finances. And don't take the rejections personally."

McKenzie is represented by Next Management, in Toronto.