Ksenia Mezenina

November 10, 2021


Ksenia Mezenina
Elite's Ksenia Mezenina
creative from Paris
Since the last time I wrote here many things have happened. I've done some crazy tests, went to a lot of castings, got a job and received the photos from my earlier creatives.

The other day my apartment-mate, Nastya, and I were sent to a casting for a Rowenta Hair TV commercial. We arrived a little late and saw a huge line up; the girls had been waiting there for hours. The client wanted to see a lot of people, so girls from all agencies, big and small, were there. While waiting in line I saw a model - Caitlin - who is also with Elite in Toronto! It was so great to meet her, because our agency wrote us the day before that we were both in town. We emailed each other in the morning and wanted to catch up on the weekend... and here she was! Caitlin is placed with Crystal in Paris. I was fortunate enough to work with her in Toronto and it was great meeting her again!

Anyway, we had been waiting in line for more than an hour, sitting outside at first, then later in the room. In the waiting room I noticed comp cards hanging on the wall by the mirror. It is very common to see comp cards of different models sitting somewhere at the client's studio, however this was more special. There were composites of such great models as Natasha Poly, Caroline Trentini and some others! Pretty cool!

On one of the weekends, I had a test shoot and since being late is the norm here, I was late for this one by an hour. Now I had an excuse: France just changed time from summer to winter hours and I got confused in the morning. Anyways, no one said a word and they started working on me the minute I got there. French people are really laid back - they like taking breaks, going out for a cigarette (or even smoke it inside), having wine or beer, talking... all that until they realize that they have to finish really soon and they must start working! So, I arrived for the shoot, had a coffee, hung out and had another coffee before we finally started the process. The idea was that there were six characters - there were another two girls playing four characters in previous days (one of them was my apartment-mate Nastya and the other girl was from Barrie!). I was supposed to be a housewife for the first look and a 'blakk' for the second look. To be honest, I never thought I would shoot something like this in Paris. It was beyond crazy! First, this was for an exhibition that will take place at the end of November. Second, they weren't only taking a regular shot, but also a portrait, also a 3D photo and a video! It was one loooong day! We shot for ten hours... and don't get me wrong, the photos are cool, especially the 3D (which can be seen with the glasses only, unfortunately), but I would never be able to use this for my portfolio! It also turned out that the agency did not know that this would be the concept. Regardless, it was a fun day but crazy.

Elite's Ksenia Mezenina - creative from Paris

For the housewife I was dressed up in an orange neon dress, with orange tights, stripper shoes, some weird sparkly jacket, crazy orange make up and outrageous hair with rollers in it. I was playing a crazy housewife. In the shot, I was standing with an ironing board, pretending like I was ironing and a phone beside me. I was making crazy faces for the picture. Making the video was more fun. For one shot I was asked to throw clothes on an ironing board and one piece at the camera, as if I was pissed off at something. I did that. Then for the next, face shot, I was asked to take the phone and started yelling at someone, as if I were mad at a person on the phone. It was so funny, because I was actually supposed to scream something. I decided to say things in Russian, and I was yelling and yelling, and playing the character when the videographer said "stop," but I did not hear him and continued on. Everyone started laughing at me. It was a good laugh. Later they told me I am a good actress and a great model, which was a nice compliment.

The next look was less fun primarily because of my hair and make-up. My poor hair was teased, and sprayed and straightened, but the outcome was cool. The hairdresser came up with something spectacular on my head. Make up was a whole other story. The make-up artist put tape on my face, painted blank spots black colour and put sparkles all over the black stripes. I was put on set, we did a shoot, we did a video, we did a 3D photo... during this process I could not have any water because there were no straws and I had black make up on my lips, and my face was itching because of the sparkles on it. When the shoot was over, the crew screamed "Champaign for everyone!!!" I guess this was to make everyone feel better after a long day! And I had to take this make up off my face. The baby wipes, the make up remover, the soap and water did not help. I looked like I had a poppy seed disease, all covered with those sparkles. So, make up artist and hairstylist and me had to take those things off with tape! The next day I woke up with my face scratched and irritated. Yes, I can officially call this shoot the craziest one yet.

Since the next day was a national holiday and no one was working, Nastya and I decided to treat ourselves nicely and went to Disneyland. We had an amazing time there, taking lots of photos, wearing Minni's ears, riding the roller coasters and just walking around and having fun!

Then, another day, another weird test. First, I arrived late, again. This wasn't my fault either. The agency told me 10:30, which is what the photographer originally told them. But then he sent an email after the agency closed for the week, asking me to come at 10:00. No one got to read that email. We figured things out and started the shoot. The idea was crazy. The first part was the shoot with a guy, as if we were in a bathroom and doing our own stuff, but he was applying a mask and then cream on his face, while I was using shaving cream and something else. So, as if we changed our roles as man and woman. I had shaving cream all over my face for one of the shots, and for the next shot, we had to play with the shaving cream, while for the next shot we were playing with water. Crazy! In the second part of the test, the other girl arrived. We took pictures together, then the hairstylist started putting different wigs on me, and I got some crazy make up. Oh! At the end of the shoot when I was taking off my make up, we realized that the eye liner was waterproof and it took me several minutes to get rid of it! Again, like the last weekend my eye lids were scratched and feeling horrible. Oh, and I almost forgot, the whole day at the shoot I felt super dizzy. At first, I thought it was hunger, but then I realized that I had a good breakfast and after lunch I still did not feel better. It's a good thing that the shoot was only for beauty and because of the wigs you could not see my eyes in all the shots, so you could not see the fatigue. However, it is still weird for me that I felt so bad, and that a few times I felt that any second I could pass out.

It has been raining in Paris for the past several days, and even though I have not been feeling well, I love this city way too much! My life in Paris consists of baguettes, crepes, macaroons, tarts, croissants, croque monsieurs and éclairs!

Oh, about the job that I got. It is nothing exciting, it's an internet catalogue that was very boring, however it pays good money which means I am covering my expenses. I also had a very nice option for a good campaign, but it is off. Well, I am leaving back home next week, but I hope that something else, something exciting will come up for me!


Ksenia Mezenina is an Elite model, currently with City in Paris.


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