Ksenia Mezenina

November 19, 2021


Ksenia Mezenina
Elite's Ksenia Mezenina
creative from Paris
My time in Paris has run out and I have a ticket back to Toronto this weekend. My mother agency and Parisian agency both want me to stay here a little longer, however I've got to go back since I am missing my University lectures at the moment - my profs are not happy!

Due to the lack of an internet connection here, I also cannot do any of my school work from Paris. I have a few job opportunities lined up for the next week. If any one of them gets confirmed then I will stay for that job and go back to Toronto immediately following. If nothing gets confirmed (although I am hoping more for the first alternative) then I will be returning to Toronto. Although I do miss my friends and family, I am very upset to be leaving this gorgeous French capital.

After a week of non-stop rain it finally got sunny yesterday. I have had some time off between the castings and I decided to go back to Montmartre. Again, I got a crepe and hot coffee, and sat down on the stairs of Sacré-Cœur. Although it was chilly, I spent an hour and a half there enjoying the view and listening to an old man playing his violin - so beautiful and inspiring! At some moments, I want to cry that I have to leave. I also wish I had my fiancé to share this moment with me... but enough about sad things!

Last week I was given a casting for a French magazine editorial. It was with the top male model and Lagerfeld's muse, Baptiste Giabiconi! I was sure that when I went to the casting there would be hundreds of girls there. To my surprise, I came to the magazine's office and found myself alone. The client looked at me, at my portfolio and then asked me if I was available to shoot Friday. I did not know how it had happened but Friday I was shooting with Baptiste the top male model in the world!

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Ksenia Mezenina (right) with Kirsten and Baptiste Giabiconi

I arrived at the shoot a little early and saw that everyone was there already. The other model, Kirsten, was from Estonia and the photographer was German. We started hair and makeup, which took 3 hours, but was so perfect and did not require any touch ups during the day. While Kirsten and I were getting our hair and makeup done, Baptiste started shooting single pages.

It was an easy shoot, although with lots of movement and attitude. The concept was created by Karl Lagerfeld himself as he closely watches Baptiste's career. It was inspired by the video "Addicted to Love". We were his "bodyguards" cold, pretty, rock and roll girls! At the end of the day, they also did an interview with me and asked if it was any different shooting with Baptiste. It was not, because he doesn't ask for special attention just because he is a "Top model." He was very down-to-earth, fun, sweet and professional.

Later, his producer asked Kirsten and me if we wanted to come out to celebrate Baptiste's birthday that night. Of course we wanted to, but unfortunately Kirsten could not come. I went with my flat mate Nastya. It was a very private dinner in honour of Baptiste's 21st - I had no idea he was so young! He had already celebrated his birthday earlier in the week but this was a special evening organized for him by his producer with lots of people from the entertainment industry. There was one of Lady Gaga's producers, TV reporters and many other important people. It was a fun night! Later we went downstairs to the club to dance the night away. Baptiste also performed a song from his debut album! It was a great, very energetic performance which the audience loved, to say the least. It was a great honour to have worked with him and his team.

À Bientôt!


Ksenia Mezenina is an Elite model, currently with City in Paris.


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