Ksenia Mezenina

December 3, 2021


Ksenia Mezenina
Elite's Ksenia Mezenina
On Thursday evening, I came in to the agency to leave my portfolio and say 'Goodbye' before I would return to Toronto early Friday morning. I was so upset because I loved being in Paris! I loved the city and I loved the agency! So, when I started taking pictures out of my book I started crying. My booker knew what was going on and told me I had a few options lined up for the next week, when I was already supposed to be in Toronto. We talked, and they asked me if I could stay another week. Really? I was so happy! It meant I wouldn't see my fiancé, my friends and family for another week, and that I would have to write a few essays in Paris, but I was so happy with an opportunity to stay in the city and maybe even work!

The next week was slow in terms of castings, although I did have a few very important requests. However, in terms of the options that I had, unfortunately they did not get confirmed. But they were so good: a magazine spread, Vogue Bridal, and L'Oréal shoot. Regardless, I was very happy I stayed in Paris another week. And just like my agency said, this time there were options, which is already good. Next time it will be direct bookings. Why not, right?

In general, my trip to Paris was very productive. My portfolio changed dramatically, I did a bunch of castings and fun tests, had some great options, worked a couple jobs, shot with number one male model in the world, and did a lot of sightseeing! My Paris agency told me that they are waiting for me to come back and that I am always welcome there! I love them!

By the way, on Thursday we had an agency Thanksgiving Dinner! It was so beautiful and delicious, with a vase of macaroons for dessert! Mmmm... and lots of dancing with the bookers afterwards!

Now, let's see what Canadian market has for me. I can assure you I am going back to Paris and getting those jobs once school is done!

Au revoir!


Ksenia Mezenina is an Elite model, recently with City in Paris.


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