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Andi Muise
Andi Muise

Modelresource (MR): How are things going for you lately?

Andi Muise (AM): I've been working a lot more. When I got back [to New York] from London I started working a LOT more.

MR: Your look is different than what I'm used to seeing.

AM: I just got my bangs cut about three weeks ago, so it's a big change.

MR: Despite your strong look do you feel like you still have to be somewhat of a chameloen?

AM: Definitely! Castings are so different. You'll go on a casting for John Frieda, then to one for American Vogue on the same day.

MR: What's next on your list of things to do?

AM: Acting. I just got an acting agent in New York and they rep people in L.A. as well. I want to keep modelling, because it's something I've always been interested in doing, but I can do acting on the side. It might get tiring, but it's fun.

MR: How is it being away from Barrie?

AM: It's hard being away from friends and family, but when you come back from New York it's great for a couple days, but then it's like "what do I do now?"

MR: Where is home now?

AM: I live in New York now, in my own place. I'll never live in a model's apartment again. I hated that. I live in Brooklyn. Quiet at night... no horns... sirens...

MR: Where do you want to be in two years?

AM: Hopefully in American Vogue, or Italian Vogue, or (she laughs) in a huge movie!

MR: Who are your favourite photographers.

AM: My boyfriend. But other than him, I have a lot of respect for Richard Avedon!

MR: Have you had any times when you were completely frustrated with modelling?

AM: Oh God! Yeah, times when you're on option for a job, then the client says 'we can get the big girl we want - we don't want the new face anymore,' you know? It's always about clients wanting the big girl, and they're too scared to use the new girl. I hate that because they should give the new girl a chance - (she laughs) that's my opinion as the new girl!

MR: In two years, when you're not the new girl, will you feel the same way?

AM: (laughs) No! (big laugh) Definitely not!

MR: Tell me about Michèle Miller.

AM: I think Michèle's great, because she's doing it herself, and I know there are times she also feels really exhausted and might want to just quit, but she always gets back at it because she loves it. She has so much passion for it.

MR: Have your parents always been supportive of you being a model?

AM: Yeah, my Mom asks me "Why do acting, stay with modelling?" But I can do both. But they're REALLY supportive.

MR: Do you have any limits?

AM: I don't do anything too suggestive because I wouldn't want my father to see it. (pauses) But if Steven Meisel says take your shirt off... okay! It's different - he's artsy, not porn.

MR: What would you tell others starting their careers?

AM: Same thing as everyone else - just be yourself and keep true to yourself and the people around you. You don't want to change.

A lot of girls that make it as models, their first photoshoot is with American Vogue, and think they're already the best, and that's not right. You have to really remember yourself.

MR: Any other advice?

AM: Be prepared, because it's always an adventure. That's all I have to say - be prepared.