Anya Nordström

July 20, 2021

Anya Nordstrom
Anya Nordström
Another week in Athens completed. This week was just as crazy as the last, jam-packed castings and bookings around the clock.

The castings in Greece are somewhat different from those in Toronto. First of all the castings are separated into groups of production companies, photographers/stylists/makeup artists, and magazine clients. For the production companies (who are all extremely far away, but all in the same area, so if you have the time it's better to knock them all out at once) they take video stills of your book and a comp card. Then you are asked to to a small video clip of about 3 minutes. First you introduce yourself with your name, age and where your from, and something small about yourself like your favorite foods or hobbies. Then you are asked to walk toward the camera and back and from left to right. Nothing too difficult.

For the photographers, makeup artists and stylists; they check your book, take a comp card and if they like your look they'll ask to do a creative shoot (which is no pay, but pictures for everyone's book). Surprisingly, I did one of these creatives and in the end it was sold as an editorial for a Greek magazine.

The magazine clients check your book take a card and if they like you they will snap a few Polaroids. They only thing I find discomforting about the castings here in Athens is that at each casting its usually 2-3 people who are looking at your book and they almost always comment on certain pictures or talk to each other about you, but its always in Greek so I never know what they are saying!!!!!

Learning a few Greek phrases seems to make the clients happy as well. Like "Kali Mera" is good morning and "Efharisto" is thank you.

Because of the extreme heat in Athens most editorials or shoots that take place outside of a studio get shot VERY early in the morning. The models are usually picked up around 3:00 a.m., so that as soon as the sun is up the shooting starts.

Now it's time for the weekend and I can hear the beach calling my name, more next week from Athens


More to follow...

Anya Nordström is a Chantale Nadeau model, with Ace in Athens.


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