Lydia Nyilasi

May 29, 2021

Lydia Nyilasi This week has been so much better than last week! I'm finally getting to know my way around, I'm having fun, and also I've had two jobs plus another test shoot. I hope you can see my face through the computer screen right now. It's smiling! And bobbing to the music being played at the internet cafe. I'm at a new one at the moment that is playing the most random selection of music.

In my opinion, if you want to be a model, and you're as impatient as a jumpy chihuahua, then this job is not for you.

I had two beauty shoots this past week. The first was for what seems to me to be a pre-teen magazine (called Shout), and the second for UK Grazia. The Shout one was great fun. I had to hold a colourful giant plastic beachball, grip the edge of my sunglasses and laugh over-entusiastically. I had the most amazing fish soup at that job!!

UK Grazia was another story. I had to wait until they finished shooting two other girls before me. SO what do I do? EAT! From 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. I just lay on the couch munching on the yummy catering! The apple crumble pie was the best.

When it finally was my turn they placed three heavy hairpieces on my head (it created so much volume that I felt like Tina Turner), and I had to stand in a small cublcle surrounded by lights and reflectors.

Beauty is a very delicate process. Every little detail of the hair, face and the pose must be perfect. Patience for the model is key. If your feet hurt, take your shoes off. If you need to get out of the lights for a moment, most definitely do so. It was most entertaining for me when they started to debate over the colour of my lips, of all things! The photographer was upset at the makeup artist because my lips were too dark (I just had lip balm on), but she insisted that they just naturally went that way. It was fun, watching them seriously dicuss such an odd subject! All in all, it was a great day, and I got free shampoo, conditioner, hairspray, mousse, volumizer...and food!!!

As you may have noticed, I get a little bit over-excited over job food. That is because, when I'm not working, I live off random unhealthy tidbits of food (such as chocolate bars) as I'm running around to castings, and my healthy (boring) model food when I'm at home. So when I see a feast, I have a feast!

Yesterday I had a test shoot. But before I describe that, I'd like to tell you a little story about what happened that morning when I woke up.

Two of my roommates decided to trash the kitchen just to see the reaction of somebody who walks in. It was quite a job they did! Throwing food all over the floor, plus adding dirt and plants from outside onto the floor. They left the oven open and poured milk into it and placed odd things such as vases inside. They poured pancake mix, rice, salt and all sorts of gunk and dirty dishes all over the stove and counters, and can you guess what was done with the toilet paper??

I went in the kitchen. Straight out of bed. They where standing there trying to look innocent. I just stood at the entrace and started qietly blurting: "What the &^)&%&....all I want is to eat breakfast...are you girls INSANE???" They were slighly intoxicated. They couldn't stop yelling SORRY WE THOUGHT IT WOULD BE FUNNY! The symptoms of being in a club all night. Yelling without realizing it.

This kitchen incident is officially my fondest model apartment memory! Whenever I think of it, I laugh out loud.

I went on to the test shoot wide awake, and I had a great day wearing go-go boots. Pretending to be that blonde girl in Scooby-doo. It was a 70's inspired shoot.

When I got home the kitchen waaaas:


More to follow

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