Lydia Nyilasi

June 6, 2021

Lydia Nyilasi
Lydia Nyilasi
Okaaay, where to start! People in an area called East Acton are absolutely the sweetest people. I was taking a bus to a far-out casting, and all sorts of random people were trying to help me find my way. I had the nicest chat with this colourfully dressed woman. I asked the bus driver, "could you let me know when you get to this stop?" And the lady yells out, "come sit with me! I'll make sure you get off there!" So we sat together and we discussed where to get the cheapest and tastiest coffee and muffins. We agreed, Milly's the best!

The market here in London has been quite slow, which can be a little bit frustrating at times. This is an easygoing lifestyle I'm having at the moment. Today after my casting near Waterloo station I hopped over to Shakespeare's Globe theatre. I was so, so excited to see the Globe in real life! I wanted to lie on the ground and marvel about how Shakespeare walked here too!

Yesterday I did a graduate show for Central St. Martins fashion school. It was a great experiece, walking around backstage seeing what designs all the graduates came up with. I felt like I should start dancing because it's Mardi Gras!! Let's all start a parade! But no, I was veeery professional. Waiting around for several hours, doing two shows, one at three p.m. and the other at seven. Oddly enough, the show-rush feeling didn't come! I did my little thang on the catwalk, let the pictures be taken, and went straight back to reading my book.

When I got home I was boucing off the walls from restlessness! So I made tea. Then did my splits run down the hallway. Tea-filled stomach didn't agree with my sporadic action. So to sleep I go.

More to follow

Lydia Nyilasi is a Next Model, with Models 1 in London

Lydia Nyilasi in Ukula


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