Lydia Nyilasi

June 14, 2021

Lydia Nyilasi
Lydia Nyilasi
What do you do when none of the dresses fit except for an incredibly fancy gown that one could only wear to something like the Oscars? Where am I, of all people, going to wear a gown like that? I'm just a destitute east Hamiltonian who likes Dairy Queen! Just when I was about to say to myself, "You know what, I could wear this as a nightgown," the saleslady grabs it from the changeroom and gives me a dirty look. C'mon! All I got for the job was minimum pay plus a dress! Why not a super expensive shiny fancy dress with a train? Eh?

Lately I haven't been doing any castings because I'm leaving London in a week. *But* I had a job on Monday. The job with the dress. That job consisted of 12 looks plus a few bikinis. Bikinis! And I don't get the Oscar dress. But I learned from that job. I always love it when clients know exactly what look they're going for. But if they're too nit-picky, they create irritated photographer. Irritated photographer creates irritated model. Clients must let things go with the flow! Or else they'll never like the end result! That's my mini speech of the moment.

After the job I ran home, threw on some high heels, picked up my roommate, and hopped on the bus to go to the Opera in Covent Garden. We jog (in high heels) from the bus stop to our fantastically located, fiercely discounted seats, and just before the curtain goes up: Shock! Oi! I forgot my glasses!!! How am I going to read the surtitles above the stage??? While I'm sitting wide-eyed and cross, all of a sudden I hear poetry. In Hungarian!! Ha! I'm multilingual, with Hungarian! Who needs glasses now!? Of course Duke Bluebird's Castle by Bela Bartok would be in Hungarian! Silly me. My dear roommate Khiara and I truly enjoyed the first opera on the double bill. It was such a simple plot, but somehow the hour and a half zoomed by before we knew it. Khiara had never been to an opera before, and she was surprised at how the time flew. The second short opera, Erwartung by Schönberg, was in German. I understand German as well! Nice, eh! Strange when these things suddenly come in handy. This one was about a mad woman. I loved how she happily swung her dagger side-to-side as if it were her doll and she were a little girl. Eeelfishly Maaaliiignaaant. He he he. Everybody go to the opera! It's so fun!

I give work news again:

I'm booked for another job tomorrow! And another one the day after... then two test shoots on the weekend. AAND another job this coming Monday! Then the day after where does your friend Lydia go??? Parrriiiieeeeee! Work can be so hard to get, then when you get busy, life is like a giant shower! YAY! Singin' your favorite tune, washing out all the inspirational gloop, thinking about moolah.

From Lydia's sketchbook...

Lydia Nyilasi sketch

Lydia Nyilasi's sketch

Lydia Nyilasi sketch

Lydia Nyilasi is a Next Model, with Models 1 in London


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