Lydia Nyilasi

July 4, 2021

Lydia Nyilasi is a Next Model currently on stay with Women Management in Paris

Lydia Nyilasi
Lydia Nyilasi
Sorry I've been slow with my updates lately! Sometimes certain things are more convenient in other cities. I'm referring to internet cafés.

Paris has been a bit of an emotional roller coaster, considering that during my first week here I was quite down and grumpy. I was having a bout of culture shock and loneliness. Here's what I wrote in my diary the night I arrived:

"My brain is blank. My body is blank. Everything is blank."

"I'm in a strange hotel room right now in Montmartre. My stuff is chaotically strewn on the floor. I have no food and I don't care to look for a supermarket."

"I just called the agency to ask why I'm alone in a hotel-ish apartment room that charges 97 euros a night."

As you can see, I didn't feel too chipper. I had trouble figuring out my new phone, I hadn't met anyone other than my new booker, and I was unpacking and packing again, because there was no way I would stay in that hotel room. But the worst was not finding any bedsheets, let alone a pillow. I moved out a day later.

Slowly, slowly, I began to get in the French swing of things. Once I got settled, I began to meet up with model friends from previous modelling trips. And the fun loving Paris bliss feeling began!

I'm at the agency right now, and oddly enough, there's no line-up to use the computer! Lucky me!

Last weekend was soooo fantastic. It was the first weekend on a trip that I spent with close friends that I've known for a good while. Going to cafés, museums, pubs and parks, it was so great. The best part was yelling "BLEU SOMETHING SOMETHING" (I cant remeber, I was a bit drunk and it was in French) while dancing through Hotel de Ville, Chatelet, the Notre Dame, and finally the Latin quarter at midnight after France won against Brazil. In the World Cup. Who woulda thought! I have a thing for Ronaldinho. I was being teased about it. But I like guys who look like donkeys!!! Doesn't everyone???

Well, I'm feeling very hot and sweaty at the moment. It's so nice to go home to my museum bedroom and have dinner with Mami. She likes to give me speeches about why "il faut travailler!".

More to follow...

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