Lydia Nyilasi

July 10, 2021

Lydia Nyilasi
Lydia Nyilasi
I've always treated modelling as an art form. You have to be aware of every teeny little part of your body, and think about things like where the light is coming from, what kind of emotion you're portraying with your eyes, and from which direction the camera is coming.

When all of a sudden I'm thinking "OH MAN, I wasn't feeling that shoot", then there's definitely something wrong! Actually, that never happened before I went to Paris. I'd have crazy and strange shoots, but I'd always enjoy the process.

The agency noticed that I'm looking a bit down every time I come in. It was really sweet of them. Rama and Sven, two of my bookers sat me down.

"Blah blah seem down compared to when you first got here...blah blah blah...photographer agents are not as excited about you as we thought they would be...blah blah blah...are you feeling okay???"

I said while blushing: "Weeell, I don't feel too good most of the time."

Right away they said, "AH, we know what that is, its called burn out! Don't worry, it's normal! You've been travelling a while now, you just need a break and see your family. It would be a disaster for your career if you shot Jalouse, !-D or Officiel while you're feeling down. Go to see your family, and we'll love to have you back any time you feel better."

Believe it or not, after about three weeks in Paris with absolutely no paying jobs, they advance my plane ticket to Hungary (where my Father is) AND I didn't have to pay for a fancy agency driver to take me to the airport bus station. How nice is that!?!

So GUESS WHAT!! I'm in Hungary!! In the middle of nowhere! Trees, mountains, potholes, cliffs, aunts, cousins, and old ladies wearing old kerchiefs on their heads. Oh, and not to forget the sunset. Its soo undescribably beautiful.

All I can say is that Paris agency was the best agency I have ever been with overseas. They really want me to do well, whenever that happens to be. Right now I have some personal things to solve, and once that's off my chest, I shall ROCK PARIS. Ta-Da!!

Lydia Nyilasi is a Next Model, with Women in Paris


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