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Anaïs Pouliot

Featured Model

Anaïs Pouliot

Agency  Folio (Montréal)

Hometown  Lachenaie, PQ

Background  French Canadian

Modelling Since  2005

Age  16

Height  5'10" (178 cm)

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Brown

Discovered  Everytime I went shopping people told me I should model, so I decided to go to Folio and the director, Corinne, immediatly took an interest in me. I signed not long after.

Best Modelling Moment  It was when I was in Paris. The shooting was in a castle and I wore haute couture wedding dresses for a magazine. It was like a dream come true because I never thought I would wear such marvelous dresses at my age.

Awkward Modelling Moment  When I was in Paris, there was a language misunderstanding between the French spoken in France and French from Québec. I was saying that I wore a "camisole" to designate a tank top, suddenly everyone stopped talking and stared at me, not understanding. The photographer politely explained to me that a "camisole" meant in French from France a straitjacket...

Favourite Market  Paris of course! Everything's there, the market is huge and the fashion is so present. I worked there a lot and there are great opportunities for my style.

Favourite Model  Gemma Ward, she's different from the other girls and her look is unique.

Most Embarrassing Song on Your iPod  A song from Elvis Presley

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