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photo: David Hou

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Kaytlyn Ryerson

Agency  Stylus Canada (Toronto)

Hometown  Crystal Beach, ON

Background  Bit of Dutch & Irish

Modelling Since  14

Age  16

Height  5'9½" (177 cm)

Hair  Long, Chocolate Brown

Eyes  They change, but normally grey/blue

Discovered  I put a profile online and a couple agencies contacted me. I met with Stylus and decided to pick them.

Best Modelling Moment  Landing a job in Taipei the first day I got there, for the first casting. I was only 14!!

Awkward Modelling Moment  Hahah, well the fist runway show I did there were guys in it to. I noticed everyone changing and I was like "WHAT? I have to change in front of guys!" They just laughed, and told me that one day, I'll be so used to it I won't even think about it. That day hasn't come yet...

Favourite Market  I would have to say New York City, there's so much going on & tons to do. I just love the style of the whole city, I'm from a small town so a city is exciting for me.

Favourite Model  I've got so many, my spare time is spent looking at models. But i've always thought Daria was so beautiful, and someone to look up to. Natasha Poly is just perfect in everything she does

Most Embarrassing Song on Your iPod  hahaha, I still don't have an ipod. But on my WMP I have the song Flying from Peter Pan, the newest movie.

Also represented by
  • Wilhelmina (New York)
  • FMI (Taipei)

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