Ingrid Schram

May 27, 2021

Ingrid Schram
Ingrid Schram

Ingrid Schram may not have planned on becoming a professional model, but that hasn't stopped her from becoming the latest Canadian success story.

The 19-year-old from Kelowna, B.C. is represented by industry legend JJ Cortez, and placed with Elite both in Canada and New York.

The 5'11" blonde was actually born in Pincher Creek, Alberta, but moved to the Okanagan when she was five. Both of her parents are from Africa (mom's from Zimbabwe, dad's from South Africa), and along with her three brothers the whole family has travelled a lot, including living on a yacht at several points in her childhood. Having spent so much time in natural environments she not surprisingly lists skimboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding among her interests.

An actor at heart, the laid-back blonde tells Modelresource she is an artistic free-spirit. "At age eight I starred in my first play (this was the beginning of my love for the stage and craft of acting), playing the role of Captain James Hook in my school's production of Peter Pan and knew from that day onwards that I wanted to pursue theatre because I was in love with it."

Ingrid Schram
Ingrid Schram
She has been acting since then in film and theatre productions in B.C. and continues to study in New York. Her discovery by Cortez actually came about when she went to a ProScout convention in Banff to get a talent agent. Good models have to be expressive, and obviously Schram's acting ability endeared her to a lot of scouts as she ended up getting the most callbacks that weekend.

Modelling has given her the opportunity to take workshops at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London ("a complete dream of mine since I was a child"), Ecole de Theatre L'Eponyme in Paris, and various schools including Black Nexxus in New York where she currently studies.

She's fortunate, she feels, that her instructors are "very understanding" of her modelling schedule which has her shooting both in and out of town. "It's great because the work and times of study are flexible," she says.

Schram's future plans include staging a production of a play she is currently co-writing with a friend, establishing an experimental theatre company at some point and pursuing "future art projects that have been brainstormed and plotted and pondered about!".