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photo: Owen Bruce

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Dani Thompson

Agency  I.M.M. (Barrie)

Hometown  Barrie, ON

Background  English/Irish

Modelling Since  I was 13

Age  17

Height  174 (5'8½")

Hair  Brown

Eyes  Blue

Discovered  Michèle Miller scouted me walking up the street in summer 2003. I was on my way to my best friend's slumber party. After she gave me her card I ran the rest of the way to my friend's place and called my mom at work. I was so excited.

Best Modelling Moment  There's been A LOT, but probably the best moment was when Michèle first took me on her yearly New York City trip for placement and we first stopped in Times Square after a LONG drive. It was so amazing, unlike anything I have ever seen before. I'm so greatful for that trip.

Awkward Modelling Moment  Probably when I was in Taipei this summer and I was shooting the Converse catalogue. I was shooing with a Chinese male model and the client had told him instructions in Chinese...Next thing I know homeboy is licking and biting my leg...incredibly awkward. Apparently I was his queen or something? haha.

Favourite Market  I'd say Tokyo was my favourite so far. I loved it there. I met some amazing people that I'm still friends with today and I loved my agency there! The site seeing is amazing also, it's just an amazing place all together.

Favourite Model  She's not overly famous, but my favourite model is Irina Funtikova. She's from Toronto. I've lived with her in Tokyo and Taiwan and she is the most amazing person, so smart and so friendly. She has definately made my travelling experiences a lot more fun!

Most embarrassing song on your iPod?  "She wore an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow poka dot bikini" hahahaha. come on who doesn't love that song, right?

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