Kourtney Vandervelde

June 5, 2021

Kourtney Vandervelde
photo: Mario Miotti
makeup & hair: Katie Soloman
styling: Janelle Marpa
It feels so nice to sit and relax thinking about how new and exciting my past week has been. After arriving in Paris on Monday my agency had allowed me to have my first day off to rest and get settled in.

I must say from what I've experienced so far I am very happy with my agency. Everyone who works there is kind, willing to answer any of my questions, and very organized. Right now it isn't crazy busy with castings, however it will be picking up in about a week once auditions for the shows start.

By the end of my first week I was finally starting to understand the metro and was able to make it to 5 castíngs and a request test all in one day. The streets are the most confusing since they are much different then in Canada, somedays even with a map I can find myself walking in circles for nearly an hour to find a street.

I really don't think I realized how different it was going to be until I got here. Everyone in the fashion industry speaks English but it is difficult going to a restaurant and placing an order when they don't understand what your trying to say. For the most part the people in the city as well as clients have been wonderful. It is now I have come to understand why Paris is called "The City of Lights" - at night the entire city is lit up, a really incredible sight.

There is so much to write all at once so for now au revoir and I shall write again soon...

Kourtney Vandervelde is a NAM model.


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