Kourtney Vandervelde

June 10, 2021

Kourtney Vandervelde
photo: Mario Miotti
makeup & hair: Katie Soloman
styling: Janelle Marpa
I wake Monday morning anxious and excited to see what awaits my second week in the "City of Lights." I complete my daily morning routine, eat breakfast, look over my castings, and pick out something to wear... but something is not right. I think nothing of it but one eye has very sharp pains. I begin to wash up, and as I look in the mirror I notice the top of one the eyes has swollen from an infection.

The agency tells me not to worry and take the day off from castings. The timing is unfortunate, however I have run across this before. Which now leads to the point I am trying to make. If, like me, you have sensitive skin or eyes do not feel afraid to ask the make up artists to clean their brushes before they apply your make up. A dirty brush can easily lead to infection.

My agency here makes me feel at home, assuring me that Tuesday morning they will check to make sure the swelling is going down.

This week has been going well for castings, leading to options for jobs. What every new model must remember is that Paris is a very hard market to break into. You must start somewhere, meeting clients and completing tests. The thing I absolutely love about Paris photographers is the work is so fresh you can feel the photo and the natural beauty of the model.

Off topic, I wanted to mention one way Paris really differs from Canada. A couple years back there was a law passed in Canada forbidding smoking in public places. This law is nonexistent in Paris. If you smoke it's wonderful, but if you don't it can be a very large adjustment.

There is much more for me to write, but for now I must be going... miss everyone back in Canada and will write again soon...

Kourtney Vandervelde is a NAM model.


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