Kourtney Vandervelde

June 19, 2021

Kourtney Vandervelde
This being my first trip overseas I have now realized something I didn't know before. Being that the first week of the trip is always the most difficult. When I had arrived I was not myself, I didnt know anyone, I had no clue how to get around, and was very homesick. I found it amazing how quickly I have adjusted in just over two weeks of being here, and how much I'm really starting to enjoy and appreciate each day I am here. So even though it may not seem your cup of tea in the first week try if you can to stick it out and see what happens!!

So moving on, my past couple of days have gone very well as I keep busy with castings. When I went into the agency one morning last week I was really excited to hear my pictures had arrived from my first test. Nice to be able to have something to show after keeping so busy my first week.

Just having come from another test this fine Monday evening I decided I'd finish this week's blog to let everyone know what I've been doing. I just enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend, in which I had quite the pleasant surprise. I had run unexpectedly into two models from Toronto in which I didn't know were in town. It's so nice to finally be talking face to face with girls from my own country.

I was very relieved this week and last to learn two of my options had been confirmed as jobs. But I'll have to keep the details in, and will let you know all once I've worked.

I have so much running through my mind at this very moment I just can't seem to put it all into words. I miss everyone back at home very much and I'll be sure to let everyone know of the exciting events to come...

Kourtney Vandervelde is a NAM model.


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