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Meaghan Waller

Featured Model

Meaghan Waller

Agency  Swish (Winnipeg)

Hometown  Born: Thunder Bay Ontario; raised: Winnipeg Manitoba

Background  My mother is 100% Scottish, born and raised, and my father is a bit of a mutt. His mother was adopted so we are a little unsure, but a mixture of Eastern European Polish/Ukrainian, Icelandic... he actually grew up in a small Icelandic town, Gimli, which is about an hour and a bit north of Winnipeg, on the lake.

Modelling Since  I started actually modelling and travelling September of 2009, so it is coming up on two years... holy time goes by fast!

Height  5'10" (178 cm)

Hair  Light Brown

Eyes  Blue

Discovered   I was working in a small boutique in Winnipeg, SWANK, and was approached. I laughed it off and declined, as I had since I was first scouted when I was 14. This time however they weren't going to back down, they came back to the store and asked me to come in and take some digitals a few more times that week.

By Thursday I gave in and thought I would humour the idea. I took my father with me (who is almost 6'5" and an all-around pretty big guy... you know, just in case I decided I really didn't want to do this), they took a few digitals, and a couple hours later I received a call from Elmer at Elmer Olsen Models in Toronto, and he asked me to come to Toronto to meet him... the following day. I declined, as I had a midterm that day. He told me to think about it, and so I did.

I talked to my teacher to see if I could write my exam either right there or the Monday following (of course it was my Womens Study teacher, and she made it quite clear what she thought about the modelling world). That moment I decided I didn't really want to be taking a class like that anyways, called Elmer back and told him I would be in Toronto the following day.

One thing led to another and a couple weeks later I was off to Toronto to film Canada's Next Top Model... if anyone knows me... the rest is history.

Best Modelling Moment   I cannot think of just one! Honestly everyday I am so blessed to be doing what I am. I am travelling, and meeting people, and all while getting to be creative.

Awkward Modelling Moment  Oh goodness, where to start? I am a pretty clumsy person by nature. Last Toronto Fashion Week, I had this terrible cold and flu, and just before going on the runway I had this terrible coughing and sneezing attack. As I was entering the runway I was trying to compose myself and still ended up slipping soooo hard while entering.

This summer I was doing a local fashion show in Winnipeg and was wearing a Maxi dress. As I got to the end of the runway the wind caught the slit and blew the skirt right open... I am pretty sure I flashed all the photographers and the whole audience.

If that wasn't embarrassing enough, I couldn't stop laughing and while leaving the runway caught my heel and bailed off stage. It was an all around good show...

Favourite Market   I cannot just choose one... I LOVED Tokyo. I would go back to Tokyo in a heart beat. Everything from the culture, the food, the people, the night life. It was all just an amazing experience, and working there was just amazing.

I also am really loving New York (where I currently reside)

Favourite Model  Lily Donaldson, one of many.

Most embarrassing song on your iPod  Nicki Minaj "Super Bass" - this is not an embarrassing song at all, the embarrassing part is that every time it comes on I rap along to it... I feel so bad for whomever is in the car with me.

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