Stephanie Wallick

April 2006

Stephanie Wallick

We agreed to meet at 5:30 on a Friday afternoon in one of the busiest transportation hubs in the United Kingdom. To say that King's Cross station was frenetic is to say English pubs are smoky. I wasn't confident I would spot her right away.

Standing in our agreed-to meeting point I was overwhelmed by waves of clean-shaven men in grey jackets with pink shirts and ties. Such is London's staunch refusal to let go of its metrosexuality.

The sea parted however, when a striking 5'11" Caucasian with a bindi and kameez-style shirt confidently marched through. Closely-shaven heads went a-swivel as central London commuters strained to get a look at Stephanie Wallick. It was fun to watch.

Spotting the Canadian model turned out to be a lot easier than trying to get a piece of her time. Modelling has kept the 21-year-old extremely busy in London, which is why she recently decided to call that city home.

Originally from Ottawa, Wallick has been modelling full-time for two years now, and has worked extensively in that time. Through Elmer Olsen Models, Wallick first went to New York, where she was "shooting every day and learning to be a model."

Her journey took her to Hong Kong before moving on to Singapore ("I shot a load of magazines, which was really cool because they actually pay there") and Malaysia.

Stephanie Wallick
Stephanie Wallick
Following a brief break from modelling she returned to New York, but wasn't meeting with a lot of success there. It was that trip however, that led her to London. "Isis had seen my pictures from New York, and even though they hadn't met me they flew me over to London. They basically advanced me my flight and put me in a model flat and I started working right away."

She started doing the London Graduate Fashion Week shows, which may not be the best paying jobs, but as Wallick points out "as someone that just came here working eight shows a day for a week, it adds up."

Wallick spent two busy months in London before attempting Milan, where she says she had the best options of her life but didn't get a single booking. "It was really weird to go from working every day in London to going to Milan and not working once because all the 15-year-olds from Russia were there. The clients were like 'whoa... new blood!'"